Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pirate Santa!

I've been trying not to be so one-sided lately - you know - only focused on writing. Of course, with the deadlines, that's been a little tough, but I'm trying. This is a craft project I've been working on since we went on vacation in July. Mostly, I work on it on car trips and Friday nights at Brynn's while watching Supernatural. But I finished it yesterday while visiting my dad! I still need to frame it, but here's my first finished cross stitch project of the year.

Scroll down to see all the pics. ;)

Yup - it's Pirate Santa - complete with candy cane peg leg and hook and a little pewter treasure map.

A Winner for Mia!

Hey Guys!

It's that time again - winner time!

And that winner is...





Mia will be emailing you shortly and a huge thanks to everyone who entered!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ta-DA! It's Pumpkin Time!

Here are this year's pumpkins! Mine are at the leaves, Corwin's is Darth Vader, Killian's is the Transformers symbol and Cait's is the dragon. I think they turned out pretty darn well. And as a bonus, Matt was here! He's been in Russia for the past two Halloween's, so this has been especially cool.

I still have to make Corwin's costume, yet because well...I'm right on schedule as usual. I did hear the best description ever at the fabric store tonight, though. The woman at the counter and the woman behind me and I were talking about how people always want things made at the last minute. The woman behind me said she calls that being "conveniently competent and creative." Perfect description.

Now, I'm about to turn into a pumpkin myself. Tomorrow, I'll be roasting pumpkin seeds and figuring out how to make a barbarian costume.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Misread of the Day

So...yesterday, I drove past the junkyard on the way to get the boys from school.

The sign said: Let us help you find your parts.

Only I read: Let us help you find your pants.

It made me giggle - particularly because erotic romance characters are always wandering around without their pants or straight up losing them as some of my characters have done.

In other news, my 20th book released yesterday! Autumn Sacrifice, the 10th book in RP's Phases series came out. I'm so glad it's out. And yep, if you're wondering, it's another Yooper Menage. ;) Only two more books and the entire series will be wrapped up. It's hard to believe that we came up with that idea over a year ago!

But here's my blurb:

When Brenna Alten returns home to attend her cousin’s wedding, she expects to reconnect with friends and family. She doesn’t anticipate hooking up with her adolescent crush Caleb Mahingan or his brothers. Despite a night of sizzling hot sex, Brenna believes this can’t turn into more, but Caleb has other plans for her. As Alpha of his small pack, he knows she's his mate and he doesn't intend to give her up without a fight.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marvelous Mia

Today, I've got Mia Watts on the blog with me! Her brand new MM Historical Shifter book, Feral Lust is out today from Resplendence Publishing and as an added bonus, if you leave a comment (and a valid email address) you'll be entered to win the e-book of your choice from Mia's impressive collection - even the brand new shiny one! A winner will be drawn Sunday at 9pm EST.

So, let's get started - first the interview, then the blurb and excerpt!

How did your writing path evolve?

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. As a young child I made up stories in my head to put myself to sleep. I’d drift off and pick up the story the following night, just to see where it ended. As I got older, I kept journals and wrote stories in with my diary entries. And later, I’d be driving a long commute to work and keeping pace with a story in my mind.

Even now, as a mom with kids of my own, I tell stories and invent explanations. The kookier the better.

What type of research do you do for your books?

Whatever is necessary. I have researched everything from the history and style of scissors, to architecture, pre-historical American Indian culture and archeology, to the fancy wear of Regency era clothing. I’ve studied the provenance of floggers and the exact way to tie a cravat, to invisible poisons, and exactly how early medicine would have handled a closed complete leg fracture

If it’s going to be in a book, I’ll look for the facts.
From what or where do you derive the most inspiration for your stories?

From things that make my heart go pitter-pat. I like taboo subjects like forbidden loves and relationships that might not be welcome, like best friends to lovers. I enjoy things that get my pulse racing, and will push my own inhibitions through writing until I find that line I just can’t cross. I did find it, by the way. Very recently. I wrote the story, but there’s not likely to be a sequel.

Tell us about your upcoming releases?

Well, as you know, Feral Lust comes out today. It a historical male/male (Mia Watts) shifter book where I play heavier with BDSM than I ever have. It was fun and scary because of it. I have an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night coming out. It’s a male/female (Katie Blu) book titled Twelve Nights. That releases on the 16th of November with your book, among several other authors. Then on the 25th of November, I have a super short male/male (Mia Watts) book coming out at MLR to celebrate Black Friday.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on two books at the moment. I’m trying to get ahead of publisher expectations, so that I can plan ahead on a few series. I’m working on a Navy SEALs book for Katie Blu, and another Regency shapeshifter book that’s also male/female for Katie Blu.

Then I’m working on a semi-secret series of books that will either piss a few people off, or make people laugh. *Crossing fingers* Bet you know how I hope it’s received, huh?

What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like least?

Best: I work at home. That means I’m accessible to my children 100% of the time.
Worst: I work at home. That means I’m accessible to my children 100% of the time.
What would you do if you weren’t a writer?

I’m sorry. That question doesn’t compute.
What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

Ha! Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!! Good one!

Of all of the characters you’ve created, who is your favorite and why?

Seth. I haven’t written him yet. He’s still in the ol’ noggin’. I’m selfish about him. I want it to be really good and I think I finally have something coming next year.
Do you find it difficult to keep love/sex scenes fresh and interesting?

Sometimes. Usually the characters rule the story and they do things they way they’d, well, do things. When I think too much, then the sex gets challenging. In books. *ahem*
What genre of books most appeals to you and why?

Regency. It’s all about the romanticized version of the era. I’m in love with it.

Do you listen to music when you write or do you need quiet? If you listen to music – what kind?

I rarely listen to music. I work best in total silence. There were three titles, though, that required it. I listened to an assorted collection of my own that included Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, and Alanis Morrisette, along with Fall Out Boys. The other one, I listened to a compilation of non-depressing love songs that Brynn Paulin got for me.

What makes a man sexy?

Humor and intelligence. There’s no substitute for that.
Do you family and friends know you write erotic romance – if so, how have they reacted?

My real friends know and they’re supportive. My family hasn’t a clue.

What’s your favorite food?

Everything. Ta da! Wasn’t that easy?

Do you have any bad habits?

I waffle. In my head, out loud, on the phone, in my notes. I can debate ANYTHING with myself and end more confused that when I started. I blame my high school debate team for ruining me.

If you were stranded on a desert isle, what five things would you want to have with you?

I’d rather be on a dessert isle, but okay. I can work with this… Um. A magic genie lamp, a hurricane resistant mansion, a serving staff of handsome virginal men (hey, I’m clean, but I need them to be in case the condoms run out), an endless supply of food in a magical pantry, a boat with gas in it, and the entire library of congress.

I like to do things in style, baby.

Do you have any pet peeves?

Yep, but they evolve/change depending on my mood. Something that totally pisses me off one day, may not even faze me the next. Like people yelling at me. If I’m having a rough day, don’t even TRY to go there with me, because I’ll f*cking win. Otherwise, yell all you want. I have the blank stare on standby and I really won’t care unless you get personal. Then all bets are off. That’s, you know, a for instance.
What do you like about where you live?

It’s mine. Only mine. I’ve had a lot taken away from me in the past, but this one? Yeah, you can’t touch it.
If you could travel back in time, would you? If so, what time period would you visit and why?

Ironically, as much as I love the Regency period, I wouldn’t go. I know for a fact I’d never fit in. I’m too… what would you say, Bronwyn? Too irreverent? Unpredictable? Verbal? Not willing to submit quietly to social order? Unhappy with feminine hygiene products of the era?

I think I’d go back to dinosaur landia and the cave dudes. But only if I could come back when things got dicey.

Bronwyn, thanks for the opportunity to come and chat with your readers. This has been a blast.

Feral Lust: Blurb

As a third son of an Earl, Mr. Michael Hastings hasn’t a title or lands. Since a title comes with responsibilities, Michael needs only money to leave the prying eyes behind and live a quiet life—with another man.

Country recluse Viscount Lord Atherton is the bearer of a family curse. He must wed and conceive an heir before his birthday, or live with the painful physical changes that turn him from man to wolf, several times a month. But Atherton has another, dangerous secret. His attraction to men could place him at the end of the hangman’s noose, for sodomy.

Atherton pays Hastings to groom him in order to find a wife by Christmas. Yet the more time Atherton spends with Hastings, the more he wants to know. And when Hastings displays a lust for sex play that rivals his own, can Atherton trust Hastings enough to share the truth behind his quest? As Atherton loses his heart where he least expects it, he wonders if he can fulfill his destiny, or face a lifetime of pain from the curse?

Feral Lust: Excerpt

Mr. Leedy tried to direct him to the left corridor, but Michael froze in shock. A man stumbled against the wall, his shaggy blond head bowed as he drunkenly wobbled on his feet. But what shocked him most was the man’s state of undress. Namely, the man’s stark nudity.

He was tall and muscled as though he were a laborer, however his skin appeared far too pristine to have ever been scalded by the sun. Michael stared in fascination at the delineation of his chest and abdomen. While he himself had a well-formed body, Michael had never encountered a man of breeding with such obvious physical power. His musculature marked each rib; it hugged a central line of hair that flared just below the umbilicus to collect at the base of a magnificent cock and low, full testicles.

“Mr. Hastings, please come this way.” Mr. Leedy tugged on Michael’s arm.

Michael jerked out of his grasp. “Is this Lord Atherton?”

The nude man lifted his head. Piercing silver eyes met Michael’s for the first time. Michael inhaled sharply. Whoever he was, the naked god before him had drunk more than his share of spirits.

Michael frowned. It appeared he had his work cut out for him. Two months, a period he’d thought was more than adequate to prepare a lord for a Christmas Ball, suddenly seemed far too limiting.

“His lordship is not well. Please come away with me, immediately,” Mr. Leedy insisted.

“His lordship hired me to prepare him for social interaction. Where better to start than the appropriateness of adequate attire in public?” Michael argued.

“You are a day early, sir. You have no idea what you’ve come across. Mind yourself that you don’t judge before being privy to the workings of this house.” Mr. Leedy snatched at Michael’s arm again.

Michael turned and walked to Lord Atherton, who was slowly regaining some balance. The handsome lord took hold of the door handle as though he meant to flee inside, but Michael reached him before he could escape. Michael put his hand over Lord Atherton’s. Without waiting for permission, he slipped his arm around the lord’s bare waist, and opened the door.

“Lean on me, my lord. I’ll help you settle,” Michael directed firmly.

“Really, Mr. Hastings, you overstep yourself,” Mr. Leedy barked.

Michael glared at him. “Perhaps I have, Mr. Hastings, or perhaps his lordship requires more care than I was led to believe. Either way, I’m here now, and he requires assistance. There will be time later for you to chastise me. At present I’ll do precisely what I was hired to do and it begins here, now, with his lordship at the very bottom of his preparedness.”

Mr. Leedy sputtered.

Michael was surprised to hear the low chuckle of his naked employer. “It’s alright, Leedy. I’ve been caught, and you’ve been corrected.”

Michael didn’t wait to see if Leedy permitted him to continue, he helped his lordship into the room. A huge suite opened with an enormous bed and rich appointments. Decadent burgundy details on rich cream adorned the bed and canopy, reflected in the colors throughout the room’s decoration. Though the combination could have been feminine, the large heavy wooden furniture stopped it short and spoke only of masculine elegance.

This room belonged to a man of breeding and culture. It didn’t fit the drunken lord who wandered undressed through the halls of his castle. Perhaps it promised more lucid moments, or it had been decorated by another’s eye and was tolerated by a man who didn’t care one way or the other about the things which surrounded him. Michael assumed he’d discover the truth soon enough.

He carefully led his lordship to a dressing chair. “Sit here, my lord. I’ll collect your attire.”

A pile of clothes had been left on the floor. Michael gathered them and carefully laid them at the foot of the bed for the housekeeper to review. Then, moving between the armoire and the chest of drawers, he pulled together a fine outfit in gray tones to match the man’s unusual eye color. He gave a passing thought to the awareness that he’d considered the color perhaps too closely, but brushed it aside. He brought the garments to the dressing chair and lifted the gown first.

Lord Atherton stared steadily at him.

“My lord, might you lift your arms for me?”

He tried to hold his lordship’s gaze as though it were no difficulty. Silver eyes regarded him above the slight tilt of a curious smile. Atherton sat back in his chair, pushing his legs out before him in a reclining pose. Slowly Atherton cocked a tawny brow.

If Michael weren’t convinced of Atherton’s drunkenness, he’d have sworn the man was taunting him. It was foolish to think so. Atherton had no way of knowing Michael’s inclinations toward other men, and yet the new pose spiked Michael’s already accelerated heart rate.

“Are you so ready to cover me up, Mr. Hastings?”

He was, but not in the manner Atherton intended. “You’ll catch cold, and it’s unseemly to parade about undressed.”

A golden glint entered the man’s eyes. Michael thought he imagined the color shift. Atherton’s eyes narrowed. He gripped the armrests, and rose to his full height, towering over Michael by several inches. He stood close, and Michael debated whether he should retreat to give his lordship room, or if this was a test of his mettle.

Deciding that his lordship had better get used to being directed over the next two months, Michael stood his ground. He lifted his gaze from broad shoulders to lips that had twisted into a knowing smile, and up to the bi-tonal silver and gold-streaked irises. He caught his breath. The man was truly magnificent.

Atherton’s expression had changed when they’d entered the room. His lordship had appeared calm if chagrined. All semblance of discomfort had fled. In its place rooted dominance and something darkly aware. Michael suddenly remembered his place and glanced away. He might be a drunken man’s tutor, but he wasn’t a Viscount’s better.

Atherton chuckled low as he had earlier. “Why dissemble now, Hastings? You’ve stood your ground admirably, despite your odd welcome here.”

“My lord, forgive my impertinence. I’m here to help you, not offer up judgment.”

“And yet you have judgment, don’t you?”

Fingers sifted into the back of Hastings’s cued hair, scraping lightly against his scalp and roughly pulling until Michael had no choice but to look at the man who commanded his attention.

A low rumble escaped Atherton, and he descended, claiming Hastings’s mouth in the kiss of a starving man. Michael lost his bearings as his head swam and his stomach plummeted sharply. Held in place by the hand in his hair, Michael’s knees weakened. He scrabbled at Atherton’s shoulders, trying desperately to hold on and keep his feet. Lust swamped him.

He gasped, and Atherton easily invaded him. His tongue passed Michael’s lips to fill his mouth. Michael’s body rioted. His cock filled, pressing insistently at his breeches. The forbidden press of a man’s lips to his tipped his senses.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We Have a WINNER!!!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and learned a little more about the very lovely Lucy Felthouse! I really appreciate it!


with only very little ado

the winner is...


I'll be sending your info along to Lucy and you should hear from her soon! And congratulations!!!

Got Psychics? (Also - there are lots of books to win!)

I'm over at the lovely Eliza Gayle's blog giving away books and talking about my friend who's a professional psychic. Please come over and say hi? I'm all lonely and stuff. *sniffle sniffle*

EDIT: Man...I'm all over the place today. I totally forgot that I'm also over at the delightful Justine Elyot's blog, too! I'm talking about the inspiration for my story, Maiden's Grail which is part of the awesome Seducing the Myth anthology.

And if you missed it you still have a chance to win books at other places. There's a nifty interview over at the The Forbidden Bookshelf and some of my favorite costumes are hanging out over the Read All Over Reviews blog.

All these contests run until the end of the month, so what are you waiting for? Come and see me! Leave a comment for a chance to win books! It'll be spiffy!

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Why Siri is a better mom than me...

So...Killian has been saving his money, and when his phone contract came up for renewal, he decided to get the new iPhone 4S. If you're unfamiliar with this little gem, the 4S has a virtual assistant. You can speak to it and it'll do speech to text, it'll call people and it'll answer questions. For instance, this morning he asked Siri how many were left 'til Christmas. My blood ran cold when she announced "62 days" in her smug sounding computerized voice.

However, Siri's been a ton of fun and really useful. I particularly love that whoever programed her has a great sense of humor. The other day, Cait asked Killian to have Siri look up something and she came back with some wonky suggestions.

The following conversation ensued.

Then he rephrased the question and got something even wonkier.

Cait: HA! She totally called him on his language. Siri's a better mom than you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Lucky with Lucy

I'd like to introduce you all to my friend Lucy Felthouse. In addition to being super adorable, (Seriously, look at her!) she's also an awesome writer, editor and PR powerhouse and an overall wonderful person. Lucy's visiting and giving away one of her single author ebooks - winner's choice! All you need to do to win is to leave a comment and a valid email address. I'll be drawing a winner Tuesday at 7 pm EST.

Here's a little more about the lovely Lucy!

Lucy is a graduate of the University of Derby, where she studied Creative Writing. During her first year, she was dared to write an erotic story - so she did. It went down a storm and she's never looked back. Lucy has had stories published by Cleis Press, Noble Romance, Ravenous Romance, Summerhouse Publishing, Sweetmeats Press and Xcite Books. She is also the editor of Uniform Behaviour and Seducing the Myth. Find out more at at her website. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

How did your writing path evolve?

My path to writing professionally started when I was doing my degree. I went to University to study Creative Writing because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career. When I was there, I was dared to write an erotic story. I did, and enjoyed it. From there, I carried on writing erotica and started submitting it. I had my first piece accepted to Scarlet Magazine and from there, truly caught the bug. I kept writing and submitting, and the rest is history!

What type of research do you do for your books?

It varies. Some stories don't require any research at all. Others only require a small amount, and some much more. Often I don't even know how much will be required until I start writing and suddenly I'll write something that needs fact-checking. So I'll go off and check books if I have any that are relevant, as well as using Google. I also find asking people on Twitter is often very helpful.
From what or where do you derive the most inspiration for your stories?

I honestly couldn't say. Ideas can pop into my head at any time. When I'm working on other things, when I'm in the shower, the car or even eating dinner. The trick is to either remember the ideas or write them down quickly before I forget them!

Tell us about your upcoming releases?

I have a novella coming out on the 24th from Noble Romance, called Love Through Time. It's part of the Timeless Desire range of novellas, and there's a huge blog tour taking place throughout November to promote them. There will be some fab interviews, blog posts and prizes to be won. Check it out! The story itself is a bit of a hybrid – a contemporary paranormal erotic romance with historical elements. It's not as complicated as it sounds, though. It's a romantic tale with the past woven into the narrative. This is one tale where I needed to do quite a bit of research to make sure I had my facts correct.

On the 31st, I have a novella coming out in a book called Immoral Views from UK publisher Sweetmeats Press. It's a voyeurism-themed anthology and contains stories from yours truly and four other amazing authors. My story is written from the male perspective and is about a policeman who makes an interesting discovery which sets off a dangerous obsession that could cost him a great deal. I don't want to say any more than that because it'll give the game away, but let's just say it's an incredibly naughty tale and one I had a great deal of fun writing.
What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on a novella for one of my publishers. It's for a secret project of theirs that is going to be announced next year. All I can say is that it'll be my longest piece to date and is an erotic romance.
What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like least?

Nothing beats the thrill of seeing your name in print. I love having new releases come out and hearing what people think about them. It's so exciting when people are reading and enjoying what you've written. I also love chatting to other authors and engaging in lots of mutual promotion. It's a great community to be a part of.

As for what I like least – that would probably be the waiting after you've hit that 'send' button.

What would you do if you weren’t a writer?

Well, writing isn't my main job. I actually do PR, Marketing and Web Design for writers and other small businesses, which is what takes up most of my time. So if I'm not writing, that's what I'm doing. You can find out more about what I do here.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

I love to read, watch films and my favourite TV shows, spend time with my other half, go out walking in the countryside and exploring country houses and ancient monuments.

Of all of the characters you’ve created, who is your favorite and why?

I have a soft spot for Meg, the vampire character from Bite with Height. She's a total kick-ass chick, wickedly funny and lives an unusual lifestyle... even for a vampire.

Do you find it difficult to keep love/sex scenes fresh and interesting?

Sometimes I get the feeling I'm repeating things, but then I remember that each and every story is different, with different characters and scenarios. But I am always aware of not writing sex scenes which are too typical – and when I think about it, there are many many stories I've written where the characters aren't even in a bed, so I guess I'm not doing too badly! ;)

Do you listen to music when you write or do you need quiet? If you listen to music – what kind?

It varies dependent on my mood. If I'm trying to drown out my noisy neighbours I'll often put music on and wear my headphones to help me focus. Other times, I need perfect quiet. Whatever helps me get the words down on the page, really!

What makes a man sexy?

The main things for me are intelligence and a sense of humour. I'm a sucker for dimples, too ;)

Do you family and friends know you write erotic romance – if so, how have they reacted?

Some do, some don't. I think some probably know but haven't admitted that they know. The people that 'officially' know have all been fine – and most weren't at all surprised.

What’s your favorite food?

I have very simple tastes. My favourite meal is steak and chips.

Do you have any bad habits?

Yes, thank you. Plenty. ;)

If you were stranded on a desert isle, what five things would you want to have with you?

Ooooh, good one! My Kindle (with a magically never-ending power supply), WiFi connection, food and drink supplies, suncream and Jared Padalecki. Thinking about it... if I had Jared, would I really need the Kindle? Hmmm...

Do you have any pet peeves?

Oh, dozens! A few random ones: poor drivers, people that drop litter, the fact that the UK gets Supernatural on its screens so many months behind the US, the fact that the tastiest food is always the food that's bad for you, petrol prices, corrupt politicians... need I go on?

What do you like about where you live?

The fact that it's so close to one of my favourite places – The Peak District. Also the fact that within an hour's drive I can either be at a cinema, at a bookshop, at a stone circle, on a hill, in a country house, etc...

If you could travel back in time, would you? If so, what time period would you visit and why?

Oh yes, definitely. I think I'd probably travel back to the 70s. They had all the best music, the whole 'free love' thing and it always sounds like so much fun!

Here's a blurb from one of Lucy's books.

Weekend at Wilderhope Manor blurb:
When Stephanie and Jenny go to a Murder Mystery Halloween weekend at Wilderhope Manor, they’re expecting fun and games. But following creaky floorboards, spooky noises and an alarming encounter in the Manor’s grounds, the girls begin to wonder if there’s more to Wilderhope Manor than meets the eye. As they find frequent comfort in one another’s arms – and their bed – will the girls discover what’s causing the bumps in the night, or will they run scared?

More info, excerpt and buy links:

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This time it's me. :)

This time it's me being interviewed. And I'm giving away books!

So please come on over to The Forbidden Bookshelf and say hi! I'd really appreciate the company!

Plus, you know - books!

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More Sleep May Be Required...

Okay, so I've been slammed to the wall with trying to finish several books and all of the excitement and drama that comes with putting on a conference. My awesome writing group is putting on its first ever conference and while I'm super excited about it, it is requiring a lot of time.

Cait and my mom are being the very best ones ever and are helping out by picking up the boys whenever possible, giving me an extra two hours in my afternoon that I wouldn't have otherwise had. And Cait, (who will be awarded some sort of medal of valor for this) is going above and beyond the call of duty by dragging her cookies out of bed at ass o'clock in the morning to get my kids and the carpool kid to school several times a week!

I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. I do know that I'd probably be this much closer to a nervous breakdown.

So all of this stuff going on is making me lose major amounts of sleep as evidenced by this text exchange with Killian.

Me: Your mom is picking you up from school today. She'll have the van.

Killian: You are my mom. I assume you mean Grammy.

Me: OMG!!! I need sleep!!!

Killian: ROTFLMAO Yeah. Probably. :P

Oh well...glad I could brighten his day. Back to the WIP and a mountain of email.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Awesome Author - Another Wonderful Winner!

Thanks so much to everyone who read Jessica's interview and entered the contest. You guys absolutely rock!

And this should be no surprise to anyone, but I'm two hours late drawing the winner. But! I have a great excuse. I was frantically writing. I have some nasty deadlines to meet before the end of the year!

But enough whining from me. I'm sure there will be more of that later!

Now, it's time to announce the winner of one of Jessica Jarman's books...

Drum roll, please...





and the winner is...



Vanessa N!


Jessica will be contacting you in the very near future!

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Wanna see some stuff I'm proud of?

Hey Guys,

I'm over at Read All Over Reviews sharing some of my favorite homemade costumes. And I'm also giving away books! Please stop by and say hi!


I'm lonely.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wanna-Be Lady of the Manor - Jessica Jarman!

Hey Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you to another dear friend of mine. We met several years ago when I was working for a different publishing house than I work at now and she subbed a book to me that I loved. We ended up becoming friends and finally got to meet in person for the first time in August. She's just as awesome in real life as she is on the phone and in email. Now, I'd like you all to experience her awesomeness, too! :D

Jess will also be giving away winner's choice of one of her single author e-books. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment and a valid email address. The winner will be chosen Sunday night, 8pm EST.

Now, grab a seat and come meet Jess!

How did your writing path evolve?

I’ve always told stories, always had them in my head. It was actually in high school that I thought I want to be an author. That was it for me, all I ever wanted to be. I filled notebooks, scribbled on scraps of paper. When my kids were little, I became an expert at one-handed typing while cradling a baby. I got pretty awesome at writing in 15-minute increments—you know, between mom-related activities. Now that all the kids are in school all day, it’s much easier to focus on being a full-time writer. And believe it or not, that was a tough transition. A part of me thought I needed to go out and get a “real job”—admittedly some of that mentality came from well-meaning friends and family—but I’m incredibly lucky in the husband I snagged. He’s encouraged me to focus on writing and making this into a career. So that’s where I am now, working on a career.

What type of research do you do for your books?

I love paranormals because I get to make stuff up, though I do a lot of planning and documenting—making sure the worlds I build are consistent throughout the book and/or series.
When I do research, I imagine I do it much like anyone else. I search online, go to the library—basically a lot of reading.

From what or where do you derive the most inspiration for your stories?

The simple answer is everything and everywhere. A conversation can get the gears turning in my head. Playing a game of “what if” in my head or with someone else. A newspaper or magazine article could be the spark. I’ve even had a story idea come from a dream.

Tell us about your upcoming releases?

I have a holiday release coming out soon with Passion in Print Press. Here’s the blurb for On His Naughty List—

Career-driven Lainey Stewart finally has the position she’s worked so hard for, but finds herself alone and feeling empty at Christmastime. Escaping her work’s holiday party, she attempts to forget what—and who—she gave up for her all important job.

When Ty Sinclair finds Lainey in the hotel bar, it takes little effort to seduce her up to his room. After a passionate encounter, Lainey bolts. But one time in an anonymous hotel room isn’t enough for Ty. He isn’t about to let her go without a fight and goes after her, determined to make her his…for good.

Also Secrets & Spells, a new paranormal will be coming out from Resplendence early next year. I’m super excited about this one. It’s set up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—one of the most gorgeous, awesome places on Earth. (I’m totally biased as I grew up there, but it’s totally true.) Secrets & Spells has witches, magic, super-hot lovin’, and much more set in the tiny fictional town.:-D

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now, I’m on a paranormal kick. After finishing four contemporaries this year, I’m loving the paranormal right now. I’m working more books set in Parrish—the fictional town mentioned above. I’m having so much fun with it and can’t wait to introduce the town and its residents to readers.

What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like least?

The best—the creating, hands down. The characters, the worlds, building the relationships on the pages, all of it. I adore that part. The part I like least is not being fast enough. I want the story out of my head and on the page now. I get frustrated with the process sometimes, that I can’t get a particular scene written exactly as I have it pictured in my head, and it slows my progress down.

What would you do if you weren’t a writer?

I’m not really sure, to tell you the truth. I have an English degree, and probably would have gone back for my masters, and tried to teach.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

Reading, of course. I also enjoy cooking, traveling, spending time with family and friends…and relaxing when I can fit it in.

Of all of the characters you’ve created, who is your favorite and why?

Oh, picking a favorite. That’s a tough, really tough. I’ve answered this question before, and every time, I have a different answer. It’s not always a character from the most recent book either! Right now, in this moment, the first character that popped into my head was Silas…and that boy doesn’t even have his own book yet! Sneaky bugger. I do love him though. He is a secondary character in my Into the Shadows series. The main characters in the series kind of take this young man in. He’s literally grown up in my head. And is growing impatient with me apparently.

Do you find it difficult to keep love/sex scenes fresh and interesting?

Yes. Definitely. But I figure just like in “real life” relationships, keeping things fresh and interesting takes work. But the effort is totally worth it in the end.

What genre of books least appeals to you and why?

Horror. That kind of goes across all media. A horror movie is the last thing you’ll find me watching, and a horror novel isn’t something I’ll pick up if something else is available. I don’t have anything against the genre; it’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t enjoy being scared. LOL

Do you listen to music when you write or do you need quiet? If you listen to music – what kind?

Quiet is a rare and precious commodity in Chez Jarman. If I waited for it to happen, I’d never get anything written. Listening to music is definitely preferable to the bickering or the television blaring or just loud conversations. It also signals the family that I’m writing, not just checking email or playing around on Facebook. If I’m on the computer and the earbuds are in, I’m working.

I prefer instrumental music when I write, because I will get distracted by lyrics. LOL I have a lot of soundtracks/scores from movies, like Pride and Prejudice, Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more.

What makes a man sexy?
How he treats the person he loves. (A tight butt doesn’t hurt any, but mostly how he treats the one he loves)

Do you family and friends know you write erotic romance – if so, how have they reacted?

I think most of them know. I haven’t had any bad reactions. I think if someone has a problem with it, they’ve been kind enough just to say nothing. And I appreciate that. :-D

What’s your favorite food?

My favorites shift. Right now, I’m loving Indian food—naan, tikka masala, curries. If I had to choose an all-time favorite? Fresh baked bread. A thick slice, still warm with a smear of butter or homemade jam…omg. *drool*

Do you have any bad habits?

Oh yeah. Queen of Procrastination at your service. I let myself get distracted easily by family stuff and things going on around me. I’m working on it.

If you were stranded on a desert isle, what five things would you want to have with you?

The practical answer? Pocket knife, fishing gear, flint, first aid kit, a survival book.

The fun answer? A hot, intelligent man who knows survival—I will not be conversing with a volleyball thank you! And I’m certain I will survive longer cuddli…I mean, sharing body heat with another person during the cold nights. Sturdy rope—there are just so many uses for this. You know, for survival! Still want the fishing gear, flint, and knife—cause we have to eat and make fire, but now I don’t have to do it all by myself. Yay.

Do you have any pet peeves?

Most certainly. Making promises you know you can’t keep. Saying one thing, but acting in a way that indicates the opposite. People who impose on your time, making it clear they don’t value you or your time. Those are the big ones for me. Would those be considered more than pet peeves? (I now feel the urge to look up “pet peeve”.) Okay, a smaller one… When someone says “supposably” instead of “supposedly”. :-D

What do you like about where you live?

I love the Midwest. I will heartily bitch about the snow and cold, make no mistake on that, but I’m happy I’m where I am. I’m near my family and can easily travel to see them. I even enjoy the nature of it all—the fact I can get to a lake and swim with minimal effort, the beauty and variety of the changing seasons. But you don’t think you will ever hear me happily announce I’m going camping; there will always be cursing in those instances. The only thing I don’t enjoy about being here is how far most of my friends are—they’re scattered around the country. :( Not cool.

If you could travel back in time, would you? If so, what time period would you visit and why?

I know how lucky I am to live now. I don’t think I’d actually survive without running water, indoor plumbing and convenience food. However, if I had to, I’d live in the late 1700s, early 1800s—as portrayed in a Jane Austen movie. I’d be the daughter of a gentlemen and my life’s work would be embroidery and finding my Mr. Darcy. He would be a single man of good fortune with, oh, nine, ten thousand pounds a year. It wouldn’t take me long at all, because we all know such a man must be in want of a wife—and I would totally be that wife.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a miracle!

I'm not only at home, but I actually remembered to draw a winner for the Abigail Barnette giveaway!

Yes, I am a little excited. Thanks for asking. ;)

Without further ado, the winner of Bride of the Wolf is...



okay, there's a little ado




Jen/Abigail will be emailing you shortly to send you a copy of this freaking awesome book!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Weirdass Dream

Okay, so I have no idea what this means, but I dreamt that I was suddenly, hugely pregnant.

We're talking full on waddle, ready to give birth, can't tie my own shoes pregnant.

I went from normal to ginormous in nothing flat, so of course, everyone was saying things like, "Oh my God! You're pregnant!" or "What the hell?"

I swear, literally everyone I know paraded through my head to comment on my belly all the while I keep pointing at it, screaming, "It's a metaphor!"

In fact, I woke up hollering that it was a metaphor. To which poor Matt mumbled, "Writer." like it was a curse word, rolled over and went back to sleep.

I have no clue what this means.



Apocalyptic prophesies?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Regrets? I have plenty.

Over at the Writer's Evolution Blog, we've been talking about regrets this week. I've listed off a slew of mine. Come on over and tell me about yours. It can be like group therapy! ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hey! Do you like heroes with physical and emotional scars?

What a coincidence - me too! You're gonna wanna hear about this.

Abigail Barnette a.k.a Jennifer Armintrout has a new book out today and holy cow is it AWESOME. I got to read an advanced copy, cause, well, I'm super lucky. Let me just tell you, if you love shifters - this is the book for you. If you love historicals - this is also the book for you! There are very few books I have time to re-read anymore. This will definitely be one of them.

Even cooler, you have a chance to win! Abigail/Jen is giving away an e-copy of her new book! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment along with your email address. Easy! Contest ends at 8pm EST on Sunday, the 9th.

Here's the blurb:

Commanded to marry the son of Lord Canis, a powerful ally of her father and King Edward, Aurelia knows she is about to venture into a den of wolves. For the men who live at Blackens Gate are no ordinary men, able to change at will into enormous, bloodthirsty beasts…and as a mere human, Aurelia is a reviled outsider.

When the wolves escorting his brother’s bride to Blackens Gate turn on her, Sir Raf Canis finds himself in the unlikely position of rescuer. After losing his leg—and his place in the pack—Raf refuses to bring himself further shame by failing to deliver the lovely Aureilia. But the innocent maiden proves to be a temptation even he cannot resist.

Within the dark, dangerous forest, a love begins that neither can deny. To protect Aurelia, Raf must betray everything he has come to believe about his life among wolves, and risk death to save the only woman ever to touch his wounded soul.

And here's an excerpt:

It took Aurelia only seconds to assess that there was something dangerous in the way Jeoffrey approached her. The set of his mouth as he smiled, perhaps, or the slow way he came forward. She stayed very still as he came close to the back of the cart, a hand reaching to the knife at his belt.

“They’ve gone deeper to look for game,” he said in a reassuring tone. His hand fell on her shoulder.

She jerked away. “Don’t.”

His expression darkened. “Don’t? You aren’t the lady of the castle yet, apple. And things work a little differently there, don’t they then?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Aurelia admitted, breathing deep. “But if he is a man, my husband would not like you putting your hands on his property.”

“Ah, but that’s the trick of it, isn’t it?” Jeoffrey seized her by her arms. “He isn’t a man, and neither am I.”

His eyes. Jeoffrey’s eyes flashed warning orange, and Aurelia shook her head, backing slowly away. Of course, she’d known what they were. Her father had spoken of the wolf-men with disgust, but grudging respect for their prowess in battle. Yet something of a blindness, unintentional, perhaps, had come over her when she’d contemplated this journey. While her denial had made her feel safe, she now realized the folly of it. She was alone, in the forest, with wolves.

Jeoffrey’s body, made heavier by the mail he wore, pinned her to the hard ground in half a heartbeat. She gasped for air, then gave up and clawed at him, not breathing but making a hoarse, gulping sound as she pushed and slapped to no avail. His knee pressed between her legs, pinning her skirt to the ground, and as she flailed, she heard the fabric tear. One of the woolen mitts she wore on her hands slipped free, and she sank her fingernails into the skin of his cheek, raking down as hard as she could.

With a roar of pain, he reared back, but only for a moment. As she tried to drag herself backward, he struck her across the face with one metal-plated gauntlet, and blood exploded from her lips, matching the three bright red stripes she’d left on his face. But a second was all she had needed to gain her breath, and with it, her voice. She screamed, shrill terror ringing off every tree in the forest.

The rest of the party returned within seconds, even Raf, crippled as he was. It was he who lifted Jeoffrey from her, flinging him with impossible strength into the side of the cart. The knight crumpled with a sigh of collapsing mail, blood spattered across his tabard.

“Get up!” Raf shouted, dragging her to her feet ungently, by one arm. Aurelia’s head reeled, and she struggled to understand this rough treatment. Did he not see her struggle? She thought to plead with him to see reason, that she had not betrayed his brother, her betrothed, but then she saw the reason for the urgency in his tone. On the far side of the narrow road, Margaret Lackey and Sir Clement stood, brandishing spear and sword, their eyes glowing orange.

“You would harm one of your sworn brothers to protect this mewling cat?” Margaret spat in the dirt. “Your father was right to set you aside. You’re nothing but a coward!”

“She belongs to my brother!” Raf pushed Aurelia farther behind him. “He has bested you both in combat time after time, and you’ve never earned the right to his property.”

“She isn’t a proper woman,” Clement explained patiently, as though Raf were a child to be soothed. “She is a lower being.”

“She belongs to my brother,” Raf repeated. “If either of you wish to challenge him for her, you may do so at the wedding feast. But I am charged with her safety.”

“We could challenge you in your brother’s stead,” Margaret threatened. Aurelia peered past Raf, then regretted it. The fierce woman wore a cruel grin. “Clement, Jeoffrey and I. We could easily cut you down, crippled pup, and all three of us share her.”

Clement growled.

Suddenly, the world was upside down, and moving fast. Hanging as limp as a sack over Raf’s shoulder, Aurelia watched as, in a flurry of movement almost too fast to see, Margaret Lackey and Sir Clement shed their clothing and crouched, lean and terrifying, their naked skin rippling in waves of black. Two huge wolves sprang at her, jaws snapping. Another breath and they would be upon her, and Sir Raf, one-legged, limping Sir Raf, could not protect her.

He jostled her on his shoulder, and wind whipped her face as a thick branch snapped backward, knocking back one of the wolves, Clement, if she’d kept things right when the world turned upside down. The wolf Margaret jumped, and Raf whirled, Aurelia flying up and colliding with his back as the wolf yelped. Then, pulling Aurelia over his shoulder to cradle against his broad chest, Sir Raf dropped to the ground and they were sliding, in a cloud of dust and dead leaves, down a steep slope, the end of which disappeared into nothing. Raf did nothing to slow their descent, but held her to his chest tighter with one arm as they flew over the brink. With an arm above his head, he caught a thin ledge of stone from the face of the cliff.

Aurelia did not wish to look down. Far below, the river roiled, white frothing against the dark depths.

“Hold on to me!” Raf shouted over the rushing of the river.

She flung her arms around his neck, even as she begged him not to do what she was certain would come. That they had outrun the wolves was unbelievable; that they could survive the tossing waters was too much to ask.

She squeezed her eyes shut, but she could not ignore the plummeting feeling. It seemed forever before they touched the water’s surface, and then, as the frigid depths enveloped them, not enough time at all. She tried to keep hold of Raf’s neck, then just his cloak, her fingers fumbling on the wet edges of the fur, but the water drove them apart, tore her away in a rapid current that she struggled to climb above. This river ran past her home as but a trickling stream that she had sailed wooden boats on as a child. Now, it offered her no friendly quarter, sweeping her down the banks, farther and farther away from where Raf surfaced, looking about frantically. She gasped for air before the currents pulled down again. Her last glimpse of the world above the water was of the huge, black wolf standing at the cliff’s edge.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Open Letter to October

Dear October,

We need to talk.

Normally, we get along really well. There are the changing leaves, sweater weather, hot spiced cider, caramel apples and mulled wine. Usually, we're really tight. What happened?

For instance, yesterday you really sucked. I know it's only the fourth day, but things can't go on like this.

The bladder infection,
the endless allergies,
the hacked email and hacked Zune account,
almost three solid hours on the phone with the bank and Microsoft trying to sort everything out,
the stress of being way far behind on work and conference prep

were all enough to stress me the fuck out. But I persevered.

And then...then I went to pick up a pizza for supper, because day had already been shitty and I wasn't about to compound the horror by attempting to cook. I may be a little slow, but I'm not stupid.

However, I got to the pizza place, claimed my order and realized that I didn't have my debit card. I tore my (huge) purse apart, feeling tears burn my eyes. No card.

I'm mortified to admit that I burst into tears. Not the horrible sobbing kind, but the kind that are still noticeable to sullen teenagers behind the counter. One of the same teens who said, "Are you gonna pay for this, or what?"

I ended up having to call Matt up there to pay for the pizza because the place doesn't take checks and I never have cash. Also? I discovered when we got home that my Italian cheese bread was burned. Not cool.

So yeah...October 3rd? Fuck you. I've had enough of your shit. We're through. Don't bother coming back unless you're gonna apologize. Profusely. I want flowers and chocolate. Dark chocolate truffles.

You'd probably better bring wine, too.

I expect to be wooed.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Do you want free stuff?

Of course, you do!!! Free stuff is AWESOME. All you need to do is go to Brynn Paulin's blog. She's giving away bracelets, pens, thumb cuffs, books and bags!


Go now!

Get goodies!

Bron is a Fail Whale

I apologize. I was a total Fail Whale yesterday and completely forgot to pick a winner. I blame the fact that I feel like crap, an all day senior picture shoot for Killian and being distracted by the fact that one of our accounts was hacked and some little asshat bought 10,000 microsoft points on my credit card. Grrrrrrrrrr...

However, today should be a happy day. There's a new winner for the delightful Dakota Rebel's book giveaway!

Congratulations to Susan who won a copy of Dakota's new MM romance, Frienemies!!!

Susan, D should be contacting you shortly to find out what format you'd like. :)