Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Here!

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I don't know why I thought things would calm down in the summer. Clearly I underestimated the amount of crap going on.

Today's the big day! The Legend anthology releases from TEB today! Brynn Paulin, Carol Lynne, Lacey Thorn and I have written a group of five interconnected stories involving a tragic love story, a necklace and four hot stories each with their own happily ever after.

I thought I'd share the picture pages for my story, Moonlit Magic.

Here's the blurb:

Brought back to Ireland by her job, American Beckett Matthews jumps at the chance to study an artefact that recently washed ashore on an Irish beach. She's thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the history of the necklace. She's far less enthused to explore her personal history with the man who found the treasure-her first love.

Kieran Brennan has waited five years for Beckett to finally return to Ireland. When he found the necklace, he knew it was more than a historical find-it was the key to reclaiming the only woman he ever loved. Under a curse from the Faery King, he couldn't follow her when she'd fled to her home in the States years ago, but now in his arms he'll help her face her fears and return to him.

Unfortunately, he isn't the only one after Beckett. Denied his tribute when she fled, Aodhan the Faery King wants to claim her for his own.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


My friend Margaret introduced me to the term, Crazymakers. Crazymakers are the people in your life who make you crazy - you love them, but they drive you nuts.

Today, I was at a Father's Day gathering for my Dad, discussing an upcoming family vacation with another family member. We were talking about visiting the haunted lighthouse at Whitefish Bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula when my family member said (and I quote) "Maybe it'll give you some ideas so you can write a real with a plot."

Yes heard it here, first. Apparently my fake books are void of plot.

I'm thinking that there may be another freaking ghost at Whitefish Bay by the time our vacation ends.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Did anyone hear that chorus of angels?

That was the sound of me finishing my novel and turning it in. YAY!!!

You might have also heard the sound of extreme rage, terror and a little bittersweet happiness.

The terror came from my four-year old niece, Lexi, being rushed to the hospital because she stopped breathing. We still don't know why it happened, just that it might be related to the RSV virus she had as an infant. She's doing much better now and is home from the hospital being her normal Lexi self. She told me today that, "The ambulance ride was even better than the limo to Disney!" Yup, that's our Lexi-Lou-Who.

The rage came from a phone call I just had with my sister-in-law. She beat the ambulance to the hospital and was explaining that to the security guard, telling him she didn't know where to go and the guard's response was, "Like I care."

The guy works at the emergency room of a hospital. Who the hell says that - particularly to a parent whose child is coming in via ambulance??? My sil lost it and I don't blame her a bit. I'm so enraged by this insensitivity I want to drive over there and kick his ass myself.

Deep breath.

Okay, the bittersweet happiness portion of this post. Killian, my oldest, graduated from 8th grade. I'll be the first to admit, I'm a cryer, but I did pretty well at the ceremony. The most moving part of the program was when they showed the powerpoint presentation of the kids all the way through middle school and their baby pictures too. It was so cute but a little sad too. The other part that killed me was when Kristin, Killian's homeroom teacher, got up and read the poem she wrote for the kids. I adore that woman.

On Friday, right before dismissal, the 8th graders did what they call the 8th grade walk. They make a circuit of the whole school and all the teachers and kids come out at cheer for them. Parents are invited too and we all lined the halls. I'd say about 75% of the kids were sobbing as they made their way around (most of the parents were too.) I can't tell you how many soggy hugs I got from those kids. Kohl, one of Killian's close friends, had tears streaming down his face and came and gave me a giant bear hug. This is going to sound horribly sexist, but boy tears always break my heart a little bit more. Killian didn't cry, but he did give me a big squishy hug. In. Public.

Before they did the walk, Kristin did something really cool. She had all 75 kids sitting in a circle in her room and they had the "No Regrets Meeting." Basically, all the kids came out and said the things that they were a little squidgy about saying out loud but would regret if they didn't say. Kohl told Killian that he hated it when Killian was absent because it made him feel like he was walking around half dressed all day. So sweet. I just love these kids.

I can't believe I have a freshman in high school - but it's waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the alternative. Now we just need to wait for the school of choice paperwork to come through so I can find out for sure where he'll be attending next year.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sticking My Head Above Water

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. I've been trying desperately to finish a manuscript by yesterday. Wish me luck...I'm still finishing.

Okay...back to it...