Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was supposed to pick a winner last night, but then the plague ate my brain and honestly, it's only pure dumb luck that I remembered today because when I'm sick, I'm super lame. And whiny.

You know...more so than usual.

Anyway, with very little ado (mostly because I'm ready to pass out)

I give you the winner of Ninette Swann's debut book, Hit and Stay...'s


Congrats, Yvette!!! Ninette will be contacting you soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet Ninette Swann and Enter to Win!

 Hey Everyone! 

I'd like to introduce you to debut author Ninette Swann whose first book, Hit and Stay, comes out today! Ninette has kindly agreed to give away an ebook to one lucky commenter. All you need to do is comment and leave a valid email address before Tuesday, May 29th at 7pm.

 How did your writing path evolve?
-- My writing evolved as my life evolved. As a young woman, I wrote a bunch of schlocky, meaningless crap that I thought was "really deep and lyrical." I've since learned that just because it doesn't make sense doesn't make it poetic. I got off that path by running out of time to write, by giving up any dream of becoming a writer, and living life instead.

What type of research do you do for your books?

-- It depends on the type of book I'm writing. I do only as much research as I have to, to get the facts correct. I don't want to read too many police cases covering my plot line, in case I then can't get my fiction rolling after that, with all the real life happenings swirling in my head.

From what or where do you derive the most inspiration for your stories?

-- I'm a mother, a journalist, an editor and then a writer. My inspiration comes from those facets of my life, in that order.

Tell us about your upcoming releases?

-- Hit and Stay will be my first romantic suspense. A police officer, mired in an internal investigation for one of his previous cases, finds himself on the scene of a hit and run. The victim is a high-powered politician's fiancee. She discovers her fiance is involved with some incredibly shady business and makes a break for it while recovering from her crash in his home. She calls on the ex-cop for his detective skills, and they go on the run. Together they piece together the events of the crash, finding out a good deal more about the past, and each other, than they expected.

What are you working on at the moment?
-- I'm working on a collection of re-told fairytales from the point of view of the step-mothers / parental figures. I swear when I started it, no one was doing it. Curse my slowness, and the two shows and the billion movies and books that have come out since I had the idea. You'll just have to take my word for it, I guess. Hah.

What do you like best about being a writer?  What do you like least?

-- It's fun. It's incredibly freeing. To think something, then write it down, then have it read is an amazing validation in its own right; one that's often forgotten. As far as what I like least? For creative writing, I hate the lack of deadlines. Having been a journalist for so long, it's very hard for me to write something that's not due on-air in OMG 90 SECONDS. That's just bad habit, though.

What would you do if you weren’t a writer?

-- I have no idea. Everything I've ever done has involved writing on some level. If I hadn't had my kids, and moved away from my job, I'd probably be doing public relations or producing television news, still.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
-- My kids are still quite small, so I spend the majority of my time playing with, going to parks and libraries and museums. It's a very tough life, but somebody's got to do it.

Of all of the characters you’ve created, who is your favorite and why?
-- Burt is my favorite character. I cut him out of Hit and Stay by more than half from the original because he was stealing all my scenes. I love a good, chintzy, crass reporter.

Do you find it difficult to keep love/sex scenes fresh and interesting?-- Yes. There are only so many words for penis.

What genre of books least appeals to you and why?

-- Well, having young kids, I read a lot of children's books, so my standards for those have gotten pretty high. You'd never think that children's books could really be bad, but so many are. Just because children are small doesn't mean they should be talked down to, or told inane things. I want my kids introduced to good writing right off the bat.

Do you listen to music when you write or do you need quiet?  If you listen to music – what kind?-- I listen to children's television programming. Not the most conducive for writing, but we get by.

What makes a man sexy?
-- Intelligence, broad shoulders, squared jaw, glasses, humor, confidence.

Do you family and friends know you write erotic romance – if so, how have they reacted?

-- Yes. I'm using a pseudonym for two reasons. One, for the categorization, so as not to confuse the audience. So that if I write something of a different genre, it doesn't jar them. And two, in case romance still carries the stigma it has today, I would like to spare my children any possible teasing should their friends find a romance book with my name on it and decide that's laugh-worthy for some reason.

What’s your favorite food?
-- Cereal.

Do you have any bad habits?
-- I bite my nails.

If you were stranded on a desert isle, what five things would you want to have with you?
-- a fresh water source, a machete, rope or twine, flint, lighter fluid

Do you have any pet peeves?

-- Being asked something more than a million times in five minutes. Thanks, kids.

What do you like about where you live?

-- That family is here. I'm not so much a fan of my current location but they make any place worth it.

If you could travel back in time, would you? If so, what time period would you visit and why?
-- I wouldn't want to go back in time. Every time period that is romanticized in my mind--like the 1950s or the 1920s--in reality must have been a very difficult time to grow up as a woman. I would never give up my rights, not even for all the heels and martinis in the world. Plus, we can still do that today, right?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Riding in Cars with Boys - Part Nineteen

Killian and Justin have been anxiously awaiting (read: obsessively checking the calendar and complaining that they're bored) the arrival of Diablo 3. So, I took them to the release, dropped them off and did last minute shopping for Corwin's DC field trip.

Now, there's something a little disconcerting about grocery shopping at 11 pm. The stockers all look vaguely pissed off that you're daring to take food off shelves they've just stocked. And there are four classes of fellow shoppers: the parents with exhausted, screaming kids in jammies, the sleep-deprived/angry glarers, the zombies, and the people who are coming in mid-partying for refills on booze and chips. There's a surprising amount of these guys on a Monday night.

After I finished getting important supplies like rain ponchos and salt and vinegar pringles and sour gummy worms to be eaten on the bus, I drove back to the video game store and picked up Killian and Justin from their Diablo 3 shopping adventure.

Killian: (caressing the Diablo 3 box) Loookkk - it's so pretty.

Justin: Must install now.

Killian: (looking around at the bags) You went to Meijer? Did you get us anything?

Me: No, I didn't get you anything. I had to get Corwin's field trip stuff.

Justin: Don't you know better than to go shopping at night? At Meijer? There are creepy people there, man. Creepy people.

Me: Yeah. I ran into a couple asshats in the parking lot on the way out. But meh. As long as no one steals my purse and the iPad, we're good. I'm in the middle of a really good book.

Justin: No worries there. No one else can lift your purse.

Killian: Yeah. It's like Thor's hammer.

Justin: You can fight crime with that bitch.

Killian: Just swing it around and WHAP! Instant unconsciousness. 

Justin: (makes whipping through the air sounds and mimics swinging an imaginary purse around) Or death.

Killian: Hey I bet you can fly with that thing.

Me: What?

Killian: You know how Thor swings Mjölnir around and when he let's go it flies off and clobbers someone, and when he hangs on it drags him through the air? You know, it's how he travels.

Me: Yeah...

Justin: Right! You can do that with your purse! (more sounds and mimicking) You can be slightly more badass than Mary Poppins.

Me: Wait. Only slightly more badass?!

Justin: Dude, you're using a purse to fly.

Killian: (shrugs) It's no Mjölnir.

So yeah. I'm apparently only slightly more badass than Mary Poppins. 

Good to know.

A lucky winner!

Hey everyone,

My apologies for the lateness of this post. Last night was spent racing around trying to get Corwin to the school on time for his field trip to Washington DC and then there were myriad phone calls and computer issues once I got home.

But anyway, enough whining from me - let's get on to the winner of the drawing for the twenty-five dollar gift certificate for the fantastic perfumes of The Mindful Mushroom!

Without further ado...

The winner is...





Anna Mayle!

I'll be sending you your gift certificate shortly!

Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you'll all check out Melissa's perfumes!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Changes on the Horizon

The end of the school year is winding down and I've been completely crazypants trying to keep up with everything.

Killian graduates from high school next month, and Corwin graduates from 8th grade. I'm trying to plan Killian's grad party and if I learned anything from throwing my mom a surprise birthday party in March is that I hate planning parties.

I don't mind going to parties. I don't mind bringing a dish to pass, but I hate planning parties. There's "food math" involved and logistics. And anyone who's read this blog more than once knows that neither math, nor logistics, are my friends.

Or schedules, really.

So basically, I'm pretty much screwed, here.

But I did finally get around to ordering Killian's senior pictures. The ones we had taken way back in October. o.O And they look great. And we did plan a menu for the party. So...that's something.

I think mostly this is all about me hating change and not being ready to have one kid in college and the other in high school. I'm not ready for them to grow-up. I realize that's the point of the whole thing, but dealing with it gracefully doesn't seem to be in my skill set.

I think it's one of the reason's Maurice Sendak's death hit me so hard last week. One more constant from my kids' childhood is gone. But, even though it makes me rashy and nervous, change is inevitable, and I'm proud of the men they're becoming.

Now, it's time to make sure Corwin has everything for his field trip to Washington DC. His idea of essentials and my idea of essentials compromise two very different lists. Any guesses as to which one of us has deodorant at the top of the list?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Sad Day for Wild Things Everywhere.

I just got home from the morning school run to discover that Maurice Sendak, beloved author and illustrator of books Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, Outside Over There (and so many more) died today at 83.

I can't tell you how many times I read those books to Killian and Corwin and all my daycare kids. I can still recite the entirety of Where the Wild Things Are from memory.

The world is a sadder place today.

Rest in Peace, Maurice. We'll miss you. Wherever you are, let the wild rumpus begin!

Monday, May 7, 2012

And now for something completely different - a scenty giveaway!

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I love scents. I'm a big proponent of aromatherapy, and I even use it while writing. In addition to using specific music to set the mood, I also use scents. It helps put me in the right frame of mind to get down to work. Every book has its own playlist and set of smells. In fact, my current WIP features the scents Ancient Forest, Forest Faery and Midsummer's Eve.

I can't wear regular perfume - my body chemistry doesn't play nicely with the alcohol content and other chemicals in there. So basically, me + regular perfume = dead flowers with a hint of roadkill in the sun. It's not pretty. I turned to essential oil perfumes and I've been dead flower and roadkill-free ever since. I've also been headache-free. There's something about some store bought scents that make for instant migraines, but I don't have that experience with essential oils. I love the combinations and how they work with my own body chemistry to smell even better.

I came across Melissa of the Mindful Mushroom while I was perusing Etsy (read: procrastinating) and I was intrigued by her perfume descriptions, so I decided to try some samples.OMG, am I ever glad I did.

This woman is a scent genius. After falling in love with several of her premixed scents, I asked her to do a special one for me with all of my favorite things: sandalwood, clove, woodsmoke, vanilla, honey and berries. It's FREAKING AMAZING. I love it so much. And she very cleverly named it Bronwyn.

Because I adore Melissa's products (and her cruelty-free stance) so much, one lucky commenter is going to win a 25.00 gift certificate to her Etsy store. And because Melissa is such a sweet and interesting person, I'd like to give you a chance to find out a little more about her in this interview. Contest details below.

Without further ado, I'd like you to meet Melissa.

Why perfume making?

Because I love it. I love how perfumes can instantly change your mood. There are some fragrances that make you happy, some that make you feel like a playful child, some that make you feel completely sexy and some that create instant peace and calm.

What attracted you to it in the first place?

I received a sample vial of hand blended oil as a gift from a friend. This is something I never would have thought to buy because I had plenty of alcohol based perfumes made by large businesses. Yes, shame on me I know. After my first application of this oil I was hooked. I loved how you applied it to your skin instead of spraying it at yourself. I loved how it blended with my body chemistry to create a completely unique scent. And I appreciated the thought that it was handmade. That I was wearing something that someone put love into making.

I don't think that I have bought a store bought beauty product since. Well except razors.
When I was ready to buy more of this oil I learned that the girl was no longer in business so I decided to start making my own.

How long have you been doing it?

Around four years. I should have known I would eventually be working with this type of medium. When I was about 10 I used to go pick all of my neighbors flowers, dry them, blend them and then sell them back to them as potpurri so I could raise money to donate to animals in need. Who would have known that 22 years later I would still be drying flowers and using the proceeds to help animals?

Where do you get your inspiration?

From nature, fairies and the thought of a nomad lifestyle. I like to create scents that take you on a journey whether it is just on a camping trip or to somewhere like india or through a magical fairy forest. I like enchantment and imagination.

What are your favorite ingredients to work with?

I am a firm believer in using sustainable and organic ingredients. I love the benefits of hemp seed oil and essential oils. Cedarwood repels insects, amyris is an aphrodisiac, rose relieves depression, chamomile calms. I think that the healing properties of plants is just incredible.

Have you ever made any truly hideous scents?

Yes! I was trying to make a custom oil for a guy that liked eucalyptus. I mixed an insane amount of eucalyptus with spearmint. That could have been used as a remedy to induce nausea. It was so sick. I also tried making one of my wine scents and wound up with a fragrance reminiscent of grape cough syrup. Gross.

Do you have any favorite scents? Why are they your favorites?

Absolutely. I love sandalwood. I love the smoky, warm quality that it has. It makes me feel at ease to wear it. Patchouli was probably my first to fall in love with. My friend used to wear a patchouli perfume that has long since been discontinued by Jovan. Every time I was around her I just kept wanting to smell her. Years later I got my first bottle of patchouli essential oil. I was probably the happiest hippie on the planet.

I also really like the mixture of clove and orange. The more I keep thinking of scents that I love the more that I am realizing that I apparently have a love affair with fragrances and could easily fill pages of my favorite scents. Mainly woodsy, smoky and dessert types are my favorites. I am not a big fan of soft florals and clean scents although I do respect their place on the fragrance wheel.

Here are all of my links

Okay, all you need to do to enter is leave a comment or question for Melissa. And don't be shy, what are some of your favorite scents? The contest will from from now until Tuesday, May 15th. I'll draw the winner at 7pm that night and send you your super awesome Mindful Mushroom gift certificate

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's been forfreakingever, but I have a new book out today!

It's been almost five months since I've had a book out (bad Bron) but I'm happy to say that Sensuous Summoning, the second book in my Witch Way series is finally here!

There's a contest for the first two books in the series over at the Day Dreaming blog!

Here's the Blurb:

While casting a protection spell, Rowan Spencer gets the shock of her life. The spell goes very, very wrong, and she accidentally summons an ancient Celtic god.

A gorgeous, naked god.

Until Gwydion’s duty is complete, he’s bound to the human who summoned him. But as the poisons of earth drain him, he finds binding Rowan for his pleasure is sensuous task he’d enjoy for a lifetime—a lifetime that isn’t theirs to have.

And here's the cover. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yet another misread. With witnesses.

The other day I was taking Killian's friend Torin home and we passed a sign.

I immediately turned the car around so I could read it again.

Torin: What's going on? Did you forget something?

Me: to see what that sign says.

Killian: (looking at Torin) Bet she read it wrong.

Yes, dear readers. I did read that sign wrong.

Killian: (reading aloud as we passed it again):Cash For Disabled Autos - Running or Not. (Smirking at me) What did you think it said?

Me: (muttering) Cash for Authors - Writing or Not.

Killian: Isn't that a Freud thing? No wonder you needed to turn around and reread it.

Yep. That's the one I have.