Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Fantastic Authors and a Contest!

I'm still away on vacation, but through the wonder of blogger and preposting, I actually have a blog today. Let me tell you about three wonderful women who are also wonderful writers - Charlotte, Jessica and Rachel. I am so freaking thrilled that we were all chosen to participate in the Sultry Solstice Collection.

I'd like to share a little bit about each one of them so please sit back and enjoy my fellow faery authors! And one lucky commenter will win all three ebooks in my Celtic Fire Series! (A winner will be chosen on Sunday, August 1st, at 7 pm EST)

So please, comment, ask questions, help me welcome my victims, I mean...interview subjects! I've had the extreme pleasure of reading all three Sultry Solstice stories and they're FANTASTIC! I highly recommend them all!

1.) Why did you want to take part in the Sultry Solstice collection? What appealed to you about it?

Charlotte: Everything. Fairy stuff, magic, summer sensuality, Zachary Quinto's bare ass, Labyrinthy stuff, magic, writing more things for Total-E-Bound...

Interviewers note: Zachary Quinto's bare ass is indeed motivational. Just sayin'

Jessica: Anything about faeries intrigues me. My first published book was the start of my faery series, The Fey. So a collection centered around faeries definitely appealed to me.

Rachel: It was a cold, rainy day in January. I saw the words “sultry” and “summer” and knew that if I didn’t immediately start writing about gorgeous people having al fresco naughtiness in a forest glade I was going to go crazy from the winter blahs and order an ill-advised novelty sun-lamp off Amazon. And then I was fortunate enough that the editors at Total E-Bound were clearly trying to avoid sun-lamps too. So, win-win, especially since it’s been so great getting to know the other writers in the collection!

2.) When you started this book, what was the one scene that was the clearest in your mind – the scene that you knew you had to have in your story?

Charlotte: The hero running naked through a green, wavering field. The feel of something dark and blazing behind him, at the end.

Jessica: The first time the 2 heroes and the heroine make love. That was what was in my head from the very beginning. Not so much the physical aspect of it...though that's just swell....but the emotions and thoughts of the characters' heads were so clear to me from the get go. As a result, I didn't write the story from beginning to end the way I normally do. I started with that scene and bounced around. Then I had to go back and "sew" it all together. LOL

Rachel: The scene that fuelled the story for me was definitely Mira’s discovery ofthe captive Johnny. I wanted to explore her shock, her arousal, her confusion. And, of course, the aesthetics of a desirable young man spread
out across an ancient oak! His vulnerability, her conflict, the otherworldly setting…I loved writing the chemistry between them.
3.) Do you have a faery inspiration? Feel free to share pictures if you have them.

Charlotte: The world of the movie Labyrinth has always been a strong influence on me, and particularly its idea of what fairies are really like-cruel little imps that bite you. And I think we've discussed the work of Brian Froud before, which definitely inspires. It's hard not to look at his work and be inspired. All the hidden little ugly-beautiful things...that's what I imagine when I think of other worlds.

Jessica: I love David Delamare's faery art. Amy Brown and Jessica Galbreth are 2 other artists whose work I stare at while plotting my faeries.

Rachel: I was looking through some old pictures taken at the Latitude music festival and rediscovered this beauty. When I saw the Sultry Solstice call I thought it would be great to mix the idea of someone dressing up like a fairy at a festival with actual fairies (who probably wouldn’t appreciate that very much).

Interviewers note: I'm thinking that would definitely piss off the faeries!

4.) What five words would you use to describe your writing?

Charlotte: Ridiculous. Fun. Dirty. Love-suffused.

Jessica: Oh boy...I don't know. I hope it's fun, engaging, emotional, sexy, and hot.

Rachel: “The perfect amount of cock.” (Note to self: What eloquence did you expect when you asked your tipsy dinner guests for their thoughts on this question?)

5.) What shiny new projects do you have coming up? Share!

Charlotte: Oh, I've got loads coming up. More than I ever thought I'd have coming up. Got a lot of sci-fi coming out soon- Past Pleasures is out August 9th from Total-E-Bound, and it's all dirty threesomes and time travelling and strange woman-less future worlds. Then there's The Horizon, which will be my first release with Ellora's Cave. That's out September 10th, and it's about spaceships and lust drugs and it's built on my love of funny sci-fi like Firefly and Red Dwarf. Oh, and I've got a novel coming out in November, about a woman who has to choose between a dominant and a submissive. Busy busy!

Jessica: I'm currently working on the next book in my vampire series, Into the Shadows - Seth's story. I've got a lot more "in the works"--the final 2 stories in my faery series, The Fey--and hopefully will be able to announce
some new releases soon!

Rachel: I’ve been quite into threesomes lately (who isn’t?), and I’ve got several in the works, including a very-enjoyable-to-write Victorian-era BDSM story. At the moment I’m working on a free read that’s a prequel to the events of The Festival Spirit (three days of hot sex in a swanky NYC hotel!), and if all goes according to my devious plan, that’s not the last you’ll see of Lee, Johnny and Mira.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm on VACATION!!!!!

I'm pleased to say that I'm on vacation. I'm in the wilds of the UP and I couldn't be happier! Thus far, I haven't done a bit of work, and I don't think I plan to. The only reason I'm even online is because the owners of the resort are graciously letting me sit on their back deck. :)

I'm going to share some pretties with you and then I'm off to beach along with my SPF Vampire sunscreen, a book, my kids, my nieces and nephews and the camera! But first some pics of my little slice of paradise!

This is my reading spot. (Click to embiggen to see how pretty!)

This is the gorgeous sunset the first night!

This is our super adorable cabin! Will take pics of the inside later to share. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Guess Where I Went?

I've always wanted to go to Lilith Fair and on Wednesday, I finally got my chance!

My friend and her daughter (one of my former daycare girlies - who's going off to college this fall O.o) invited me and my sister, Cait, so of course, we jumped at it! It was hot and sticky and gross, but we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. And Cait and I repeatedly reapplied our SPF Vampire sunscreen.

Water was ridiculously priced - 3.50 for a 20 ounce bottle - so staying hydrated was problematic since the venue didn't allow us to bring in our own water.

But other than that, we had a great time. There were 11 acts. Jetty Rae (a local woman), Vita Chambers (who was all of 15 - I have a feeling she'll be big in a few years), Melissa McClelland, Cara Salimando, Lights, Kate Nash, Chantal Kreviazuk, Suzanne Vega, Courtyard Hounds, Miranda Lambert and of course, Sarah McLachlan,

We listened to Jetty, Vita, Melissa and Cara. They were all pretty good. We wandered away from the lower stages to go stake out a good spot on the hill so we could watch Kate Nash who I was really looking forward to seeing. Unfortunately, there was a schedule change and we missed her.

Suzanne Vega was fantastic. I've loved her for years and have never gotten a chance to see her. Courtyard Hounds were excellent, too. Then there was Miranda Lambert. I know she's quite popular on the country music scene, but...yeah...I wasn't feeling it. It felt a lot like the set that would never end. But Sarah was worth the wait. I wasn't sure how she'd be live. You can never tell how someone's voice will translate from the studio to a live performance, but it was beautiful. Definitely worth the sweaty wait.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seriously?!? AGAIN?!?!?

It's official.

I've had it.

I'm done with cars.

I'm done with tires.

I woke up this morning to my FIFTH flat tire in two weeks.

Yes, that's 5 flats in 2 weeks. And 6 since the first week of June.

All nails and screws.

I don't even know how this is possible.

What rubber loving gods did I piss off?

Was I a racing fan in past life, and now that I've shunned all things NASCAR in my current life I'm doomed to be punished?

I've even wondered if I've pissed off the neighbors, but there are no nails behind my garage or in front of my house.

Is the Universe trying to tell me something? (Besides don't drive over nails?) If so, I have no freaking clue what it is.



Apocalyptic prophesies?

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Faery Time!!!!

As a lot of you know, I love me some faeries. I'm not big on the fluffy, glittery types that grant wishes - I'm more about the darker types who would just as soon kiss you as curse you - perhaps in the same breath.

A new collection of faery stories has been released from TEB - my new book, Moonlit Menage along with awesome stories from Charlotte Stein, Jessica Jarman and Rachel Randall are out today!

Here's the blurb:

Moonlit Menage - Book Three in the Celtic Fire Series

American grad student, Brontë Matthews, travelled to Wales to study at the elite Bren Gwyrdd Music Conservatory, but life on the secluded campus isn’t what she expected. She quickly becomes friends with Quillen Davies and Tarran Ashe, and finds herself attracted to both. Even more troubling, an eerie melody repeatedly pulls her from sleep. When she follows, she finds herself in trouble and in the arms of her friends, the men who've haunted her daydreams.

Crown Princes of the Seelie and Unseelie Faery courts, Quill and Tarran know Brontë is marked for sacrifice by the bloodthirsty factions of their people. By Sidhe tradition, human blood must be spilled to bind their reign, but Quill and Tarran know there must be a way to save the woman they love. They only hope they can find it in time.

And here's an excerpt:

Quill watched as Brontë disappeared down the light-dappled path that led back towards the campus. At least in the daylight she’d be safe to wander the woods, and after dark, he hoped she’d stay locked in her living quarters. He continued to stare after her. The sun created a nimbus of her shoulder-length red hair and her pale skin practically glowed, begging for his touch. His fingers itched to caress her bare legs beneath the hem of her skirt. “She doesn’t believe us,” he muttered.

“Got all that from that clusterfuck of a conversation, did you?” Tarran rolled his eyes.

“Well, it’s not like we can tell her the truth.” He sighed and laid back on the sun-warmed grass.

“None of this would even be an issue if you’d come back to court already.”

“I’m aware,” Quill snapped. “In fact, it would be even less of an issue if I’d never left in the first place, right?”

“Your words. Not mine.”

“I’ve heard you think them often enough.”

“Why? That’s what I want to know more than anything. What is your fascination with the humans?” Quill opened his mouth, but Tarran held up his hand, momentarily stalling his answer. “I understand your attraction to Brontë. She’s different than the others, but I just don’t get what you see in the rest of them.”

Quill opened his mouth again, but Tarran was nowhere near done.

“Seriously—they’re destroying the planet, polluting earth, sky and water, killing or mutating natural life everywhere.”

Quill sighed. He’d heard it all before. “Finished?”

“Not remotely.” Tarran barely took a breath before starting in again. “They haven’t a care for anything save their own petty needs.”

“And the Sidhe are so different?” Quill bit out. “Seelie…Unseelie…self-centred narcissists, the whole lot of them.”

“Don’t forget, you’re every bit as fey as the rest of us, and sooner or later, you need to return. Time is running out. The Solstice is almost upon us.”

Quill closed his eyes and let the sun beat down on him. Slowing his breathing, he tuned into the quiet rhythmic pulse of the earth beneath him. The insistent thrumming repeated Tarran’s message. Time was short. He was needed in his own realm. If he didn’t return for the coronation, chaos would ensue. Both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts needed their rulers to maintain any semblance of order. He had no desire to go back, to be yoked by the crown. Worst of all, the crowning required a sacrifice. A human sacrifice. And he was pretty sure he knew whom the faeries had chosen.

Reading his mind, Tarran asked, “You know where this is all leading, right?” Quill glanced at the other man who stared off in the direction Brontë had taken.

“I won’t let it happen.”


Quill sat up and glared at his sometime friend. “The Sidhe can take me, crown me, use me, but I won’t let them have her.”

Tarran’s head whipped around. “You don’t have a choice. You can’t stop it.”

“Watch me.”

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I got a nifty award!

The lovely Lisabet Sarai gave me the Versatile Blogger Award! The rules are that I need to pick some people and we all have to list things about us that few people know. we go.

Ten Bron-Type Surprises.

1. I haven't worn nail polish since I came across a cadaver wearing the same color.

2. Over the last 15 years, I've placed 42 cats and 3 dogs in adoptive homes.

3. I used to make themed wedding and bridal party dresses including medieval and western...there was fringe involved. Also, instituted the use of the "bitch fee" for some of those people.

4. I keep lip balm in 9 separate places in my house and car (purse, dashboard, next to the couch, bedside stand, desk, medicine cabinet, sewing machine cabinet, coffee table and bookshelf) and almost all get used every day.

5. I was once paid to read Tarot cards at a convention.

6. I haven't worn pantyhose since high school graduation.

7. I've been in eleven car accidents, but only one was my fault.

8. I made my own drum, and I like to play in drum circles.

9. Sister Rosine made me stand up and tell the class that I was the "Bride of Satan" because I wore bright red nail polish and matching sweater one day. She was way old school. And also batshit crazy.

10. Once had an entire subway car full of New Yorkers cheer for me. It was a banner day...

Okay, now I'm going to nominate my versatile bloggers, and hopefully, they'll play along and share some little known facts about themselves.

Chaos Chris
Erotic Romance Reader Janna
Brynn Paulin
Jennifer Armintrout
Dakota Rebel
Mia Watts
Jessica Jarman
Kris Norris
Kim Dare

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Driver's Ed Is Kicking My Ass

I've been a bad, bad, very bad blogger. My oldest son is taking driver's ed. I signed him up for a program at the suggestion of a friend and because this particular program requires parental interaction. Normally, I think parental interaction is a fine idea. I prefer to be involved if for nothing else finding out what techniques are being used and how I can best help my son when he's not in class.

Oh, if I only known how much interaction it required before I'd paid my four hundred bucks.

So far, I've taken several written tests and a driving test. I've been quizzed, I've watched movies (cried during the ones where kids died and I had to watch other parents' anguish), sat through endless hours of class, rode along while Killian drove and tomorrow is the state test. Hope I pass...

Ultimately, if it makes my kid a better driver, I'm willing to fall on this particular grenade. I'll bitch about it, of course, for that is what I do. But on the chance that it'll make a difference, I'm okay with it.

But now, there's this.

Thursday is the Driver's Ed Potluck. Seriously?!? It's not enough that I attended every class, took every test, incorporated every rule, but now they want me to cook for them?!?

What pisses me off more than anything, is that one of the other kids in this class stole my beautiful, precious iphone from my (unzipped) purse. I know, stupid me for leaving it unzipped, but I never would have thought anyone would be that ballsy. I was wrong, and I'm out an iphone. The last thing I want to do is feed the entitled little shit who helped him/herself to my phone.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Someone and Something Really Special

Almost two year ago, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting someone really special, my friend Kim. A lot of you may know Kim as one of the hardest working writers in erotic romance. Since August of 2008, she's had 26 books published by Total-e-bound, 4 freebie stories, also with TEB and three (soon to be four) with Resplendence Publishing. Not only is she prolific, she writes damn good stories with amazing characters.

In addition, to being one of my favorite writers and people, she's also one of the kindest people I've ever met. She's wickedly funny and I consider myself lucky to call her a friend.

She's doing something really special this month that I'd like to share with you. All of the proceeds from her newest release, Gay Friendly, (web site and third party sales) are going to support an amazing charity - Ty Hafan - a childrens' hospice in near her home in Wales. This organization provides respite and end of life care for children under the age of nineteen.

I believe the death of a child is the single most agonizing experience a parent can have. And how awful is it to be a child and know that you might not make it to your next birthday? Ty Hafan supports these kids and their families.

Like I mentioned earlier, all of the proceeds for Kim's latest release are going to a good cause, so head over to TEB and pick up your very own copy.

Gay Friendly by Kim Dare

Book nine in the G-A-Y Series

Ellis thought a gay friendly hotel sounded nice. He didn't realise just how friendly the men there would be...

Ellis is gay and out - technically at least. Unfortunately the only other gay man he's acquainted with is his cousin Harry. When he suddenly gets the chance to visit a gay friendly hotel with his cousin, in exchange for paying his share of the petrol money, he assumes the impromptu holiday will be a nice gentle way to ease his way into gay society before he starts university in September.

Dominant Mitchell Thompson has fond memories of the hotel where he came out almost two decades ago. He returns there every year, and always finds it to be exactly the same unashamedly kinky hook-up party it has always been. When he stumbles across a sweet little novice who's obviously way out of his depth at the resort, his trip down memory lane suddenly becomes far more interesting.

Gay Friendly