Thursday, October 27, 2011

Misread of the Day

So...yesterday, I drove past the junkyard on the way to get the boys from school.

The sign said: Let us help you find your parts.

Only I read: Let us help you find your pants.

It made me giggle - particularly because erotic romance characters are always wandering around without their pants or straight up losing them as some of my characters have done.

In other news, my 20th book released yesterday! Autumn Sacrifice, the 10th book in RP's Phases series came out. I'm so glad it's out. And yep, if you're wondering, it's another Yooper Menage. ;) Only two more books and the entire series will be wrapped up. It's hard to believe that we came up with that idea over a year ago!

But here's my blurb:

When Brenna Alten returns home to attend her cousin’s wedding, she expects to reconnect with friends and family. She doesn’t anticipate hooking up with her adolescent crush Caleb Mahingan or his brothers. Despite a night of sizzling hot sex, Brenna believes this can’t turn into more, but Caleb has other plans for her. As Alpha of his small pack, he knows she's his mate and he doesn't intend to give her up without a fight.


Unknown said...

Happy Release Day, Bron! Looks like another winner.

Margaret Yang said...

Happy release day! I hope your characters find their pants.

Mia Watts said...

Nicely done, Bron. :)

Chris said...

Belated happy release day to you!

Heh, my misread of yesterday was reading "genre reader" as "gender reader"...

Hmm. My veri word is matedisa - must have something to do with shifter books, huh? ;)

Terri Doezema said...

wow 20 books!! congrats, that's inspiring. :)