Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back from Vacation!

So I went on a writing retreat with Jenny Trout, Kris Norris, Kelsey St. James, Jess Jarman, Emily Love, Mia Watts and Anne (an awesome reader) and it was FABULOUS!  I got lots of work done, laughed until my face hurt and played Cards Against Humanity and laughed my ass off because I'm a terrible person, played in Lake Superior and even ate muffins made by monks. That's right people, Monk Muffins! And they were delicious.

I'm going to share a few pictures and then get back to my story. And also episodes of Hannibal (which is Jenny and Jess' fault) and cleaning my office, because holy hell, that has to happen! It looks like an episode of Hoarders in there. o.O

This was the view of Lake Superior from the deck of the house we rented.

 And this was our home away from home.

 A storm rolling in.
 Our trip mascot! Isn't he adorable? Kelsey knitted him on the way up!

 This is Hunter's Point in Copper Harbor on a particularly misty day.

 Hunter's Point
 This is me playing around in the lake.

 Rock formation at Hunter's Point.
 Great Sand Bay near Eagle Harbor.
 Rocks! No trip to Lake Superior is complete without rocks! At least, it's not if you're me.

Moonrise over Lake Superior in Gay, Michigan.

 Sunrise over Lake Superior in Gay, Michigan.

 Sunlight, rocks and water.
 The Tobacco River in Gay, Michigan

The Tobacco River Park in Gay Michigan


And this is what Jenny Trout made me and Kris Norris. Because she's awesome.