Thursday, December 15, 2011

Texts from Cait - Part Nine

Okay, so this episode of Texts from Cait requires a little set-up.

Our mom is the most absent minded of absent minded professors. She's a brilliant woman, but easily distracted. Once, she accidentally washed a load of laundry with syrup because she had that in her hand when she wandered into the laundry room. She loses her glasses while they're on her face and her keys while they're in her hand. She's driven off more times than I can count with a cup of tea (or her purse) on the roof of the car. Sometimes, I'll come home to discover that she's stopped by and my jug of milk is in my cupboard. This is just the one we have. So the following really shouldn't have been a surprise.

(The first part of this is Cait relaying a conversation with mom.)


Mia Watts said...

I heart your mom. I do. She's so awesome. I remember sitting at the table with all of you last Christmas. She was knitting while we played apples to apples. Then voila she was done knitting and handed me new slipper feet! I love them and wear them all year long.

She's like Santa and the elf rolled into one awesome package of hugs.

Mia Watts said...

And then over the summer when she hypnotized the whole room and we fell asleep (I think) or maybe she planted subliminal messages, I dunno. But I bought her CD that class. :)

April Riley said...

The only sad part, is I would do something like that, too....

Unknown said...

I'm afraid to admit I'm a lot like your mom. :)

Margaret Yang said...

Okay, so here's my theory.

Remember back in the late 80's when your mom had a kid in driver's ed, a kid graduating high school, a kid going through potty training, and she herself was going through menopause PLUS getting her PhD?

Pretty sure she lost it at that point and never quite got it back. And can we blame her?

God Bless us everyone.

And especially God bless your awesome mom.

Chris said...

LOL! That's a puzzler, that is. :D