Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's winner time! Six winners to be exact!

I have no idea where my head is, but thankfully, the most awesome Chaos Chris has got my back and reminded me that I'm late choosing winners - 'cause she's fantabulous like that.

First off, under the guise of being on time and not at all forgetful, I'll announce the winner of the contest for Anna Mayle's book, first.

The winner is...


Congratulations!!! Anna, will be contacting you shortly!

Okay, and now it's time for the winners of the contest celebrating my 500th blog post!

Yes, I'm 24 hours late announcing the winners, because...well...mostly I suck and lost track of time while focusing on the day job.

But, without further ado...or excuse making...here are the winners!!! (Also, I added a couple winners since there was such a great turnout!)


Kay Dee Royal




I'll be contacting the winners shortly!

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to celebrate with me! You guys rock!


Chris said...

LOL! You're very welcome! :)

Congrats to all the winners!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I won! So looking forward to reading your book, Bronwyn. Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

Yay! Congrats to all the winners.

Barbara said...

YAY! Thank you and congrats to all the other winners too!