Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why I shouldn't try new things.

First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've got lovely ceilidh music playing while I work and a lovely Guinness Beef Stew bubbling away in the crockpot.

After yesterday's debacle of a supper, my family is beyond thrilled that I'm making stew for supper tonight. In a fit of misguided optimism, and bored with my regular chicken recipes, I tried something new. I'm going to go on record as saying this was indeed the worst thing I've ever made. We're talking straight up terribad.

In my defense, it sounded like it had potential - sort of an orange chicken dish - or so I thought. It ended up being a dish of pain and suffering, my friends. Pain and suffering lovingly prepared in my crockpot.

My family, bless their hearts, choked it down. And Corwin said, "Mama, I'm giving you an A for effort, but an F for BLERGH!"

It was a fair assessment.

Matt patted my shoulder and said, "You tried."

Killian gave Herne some chicken. Herne threw it up. That's how bad this was. The cat threw up the chicken. On my floor. In front of me. Then looked at me accusingly. Nobody made you eat it, cat.

But tonight will be different. Tonight I won't try anything new. I'll make the yummy beef stew that Brynn taught me to make. And no one will vomit it up on the floor in front of me.

Oh and speaking of vomit, I blogged over at Evo about words I hate coming across in romances.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear it turned out so terrible. :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Margaret Yang said...

We've all had dinners like that, my dear.

One time, before we had kids, I made a dinner that was so awful, hubby and I each took one bite, looked at each other, and without even saying a word to each other, got our coats on to go out to dinner.

Brynn Paulin said...

Made the Guinness stew on Monday. Yum! I'm so sorry last night's dinner was a bust.

Chris said...


Mia Watts said...

And, it's important to note, Herne eats EVERYTHING! He also always looks accusingly. It's those freakishly huge eyes in his itty bitty pixie face.

plus, irony: Your word verify is
like England. Boo, google, don't you know what day it is?

Simone Anderson said...

I'm sorry to hear about dinner last night.

Guiness Beef Stew sounds yummy though.

The pictures of Ireland are gorgeous.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Kenzie Michaels said...

My last debacle involved too much lime juice in the pork loin. NO ONE could eat it!

My kids requested my Wolfgang Puck recipe for tonight. Chicken and wine...yummy!

Regina Carlysle said...

GAH. Cooking experiments gone wrong. I've done it too. Every time I tried a new one I'd get either...uh uh, no Mom or this is a 'keeper'.