Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to recognize when your sister's been watching too much Supernatural.

To explain how I know Cait's been watching too much Supernatural, I have to share some back story.On my way out to pick up the kids from school on Tuesday, my faithful car, Squishy, started shuddering and shaking. It just kept getting worse and worse. So I drove it to the auto repair shop to discover that the idiot (at a different shop) who'd last rotated my tires didn't bother to tighten the lug nuts on my right front tire. Apparently, I was another half mile away from having my tire fly off on the expressway.

So when I got home, I texted my sister to bitch about you do (like I do, anyway).

This is conversation that took place.

THIS is how I know she's been watching an inordinate amount of Supernatural, lately.

But I'm okay with that.


Margaret Yang said...

Sisters are the best!

Mia Watts said...

LOLOL!!! Only Cait.

Chris said...

And now you're kicking yourself for not getting a good look at the guys who rotated those tires... ;)

Leigh C. said...

'Cause that would be sooper-cooool if Dean was under your, tires.

Regina Carlysle said...


Gillian Archer said...

Errr, is it bad that I'm reading this post WHILE watching an episode of Supernatural? Maybe you should start a support group or something. LOL

Lucy Felthouse said...


Also, I think Gillian is onto something there. We totally need a support group.

I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms because I haven't seen an episode for a couple of weeks. And this is despite the fact that the boys are EVERYWHERE: Firefox persona, laptop background, pics on the wall, calendar in my room, etc, etc...

I have a problem.

Molly Daniels said...

Hahahah:) Had a similar thing happen last summer: The news report of several athletes getting flu-like symptoms? MY first thought was 'Wonder if an artifact was involved and Mika and Pete are on their way? Warehouse 13 DOES exist!':)

LOL...WV is 'nutosi':)

Lexie Bay said...

Best text ever - although there is no such thing as "too much" Supernatural! xx

Paris said...

LOL! great post:)

Kimberley said...

LOL - Too Funny - There can never be enough Supernatural -

Bronwyn Green said...

@ Margaret - they really are!

@ Mia - I know, right!

@ Chris - I'm TOTALLY kicking myself. ;)

@ Leigh - Erm...I'd take Dean anywhere I could get him. ;)

@ Regina - :D

@ Gillian - No, not bad at all. Ummm... *checking clock* What time do you think we should meet for Same and Dean support? :D

@ Lucy - Problem...hobby... The line is so thin sometimes. ;)

@ Molly - LOL!

@ Lexie - Actually, I'd have to agree with you. Never too much. :D

@ Paris - Thanks, Paris!

@ Kimberley - Totally agree, hon! :D

Xakara said...

I know this is a week old, but I couldn't help but comment and agree with Lexie and Kimberley--there's no such thing as too much Supernatural. It's not possible. However, massive amounts and then sudden, inexplicable, withholding of stimulus by the dealer, can have terrible side-effects. CW is the worst "pusher" ever!


Bronwyn Green said...

@ Xakara - I know! I can't believe they're making us wait so long between episodes! The jerks!!!