Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two More Weeks

On January 30th, my fourth Ellora's Cave book will be out, and I'm getting kind of excited so I'm going to post the blurb and an excerpt from the bad guy's point of view. Usually, I only write from the hero and heroine's pov, but this guy wouldn't shut his psychotic pie hole...much like the guy I had in mind while writing this.

Here's the blurb from Mystic Circle...

When Becca stood up Jack for what promised to be the hottest one night stand of her life, she never expected to see him again. As the years have passed, he’s haunted her dreams and occasionally her psychic visions. After another vision reveals a kidnapping, she must go to the police. Instead of saving a life, she becomes the prime suspect.

Detective Jack Duritz, is investigating in a series of ritualistic murders. He never expected his investigation to lead him to the woman who’s starred in too many of his fantasies. Becca claims to be psychic, but he doesn’t believe a word of it. Soon, however, it becomes clear that Becca is the next victim and Jack is the only person who can protect her. He must keep her close, but he finds himself keeping her far closer than any investigation would require.

...and the excerpt

He breathed deeply, luxuriating in his increased power. The heady scent of death clung to his skin and clothes. He could still taste the life of the third offering on his lips. He retrieved the woman’s necklace from the shelf. Wiping the corner of his mouth with his thumb, he anointed her crucifix with her blood.

He’d chosen it because she’d worn it nearly all the time. It was filled with her energy. Ironic that the pendent symbolized new life from death. In the same way, his life, his abilities, had been augmented by spilling her blood. Her death brought him closer to perfection. Closer to that which he’d been denied.

It was a shame, really, that the other sacrifices he’d attempted while learning the method to soul absorption had been in vain. He hadn’t fully understood the key. Until now. This time around he’d had no trouble collecting the souls of his sacrifices. Reverently, he replaced the necklace around his neck with a bloodstained pentacle and crystal. Only two more to go.

In the meanwhile, he needed to revitalize the shields around his home. It wouldn’t do to be discovered before he’d made use of the fifth and final offering. A wry smile curved his lips. After that, it wouldn’t matter if he were exposed. There would be no one strong enough to stop him.

Dipping his finger in the wounds of his latest sacrifice, he retraced the protective symbols over his doors and windows with painstaking accuracy. Only one thing remained. Returning the body. Mother always said he should put things back where he found them.


Unknown said...

Sounds like another excellent book

Margaret Yang said...

The excitement builds! I can't wait to read it.

Sommer Marsden said...

You are a good blurber. I am envious.

Sounds great. You must be all vibratey! And rightfully so :) Congrats.

Sandra Cox said...

Whoa! Can you do the villian!!!
Great job!

sterlingwriter said...

If I didn't know you personally, I'd think you were seriously F##@ up. You go, girl.
I wants me some Jack.
You can interpret that anyway you want.

Brynn Paulin said...

I can't wait! I love Mystic Circle!

Phoenix said...

Wow! Me, this is really incredible writing. Sick, psychotic, and well done. Gives me the heebie geebies just reading it. *shiver*


Anny Cook said...

So, you're release buddies with Cindy and me, eh? Whoa, go frog pond!

Next time I need a villian, I'll get in touch and see if we can work a deal!