Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Places to Go. Things to Do.

This week, Jess, Leigh, and I are blogging about five places we'd like to like to see in our lifetimes.You can check out Jess' post here and Leigh's post here.

I'll admit, most of the places I want to go are in and around the British Isles. That's just always been my dream trip. But after seeing some pics, I've added a new one, too. Mostly because I like the name.

In completely random order, I desperately want to see Wales. I want to see where my Grandmother grew up, meet the family I still have over there, and also meet a dear friend of mine who I met through writing.


I also want to see England. So many Arthurian sites to explore (lots in Wales, too, actually) and so much history in all of these countries. I want to start at the bottom work my way up and across until I see everything. I want to wander and meet people.


And then there's Scotland. The wild, romantic countryside. The accents. The ruins. The everything. (I'm including the Isle of Lewis and the Isle of Skye as they're technically Scotland-ish.)


I can't forget about Ireland. I want to go there just as badly as the other places. I want to visit pubs and sing and see the ocean and look for faeries.


And last but not least, Iceland - the land of saunas and the Northern Lights.
Okay, these are my top five - what are yours? Where to you want to go and what do you want to see?


Jess Jarman said...

It is no surprise to me to see your places to visit lines up with mine. One day, ONE DAY, Bronwyn Green, we shall jet off to the British Isles and spend much time there.

Bronwyn Green said...

Can we go now?

How about now?

Is now good for you?


Leigh said...

I am completely fascinated by Iceland! It seems like such a unique place, I think it would be a great place to visit.

And the other places on your list? I'll see you there. :)

Bronwyn Green said...

Or...we could just travel together, Leigh. :D

Recipes with Tom said...

Nice bllog