Friday, September 30, 2011

So, I have this friend...

I was talking to a very dear friend yesterday. I met her at a Tori Amos concert seventeen (HOLY CRAP) years ago through a mutual friend. I love this woman - she's amazing. And hilarious.

Now, it's a wonder that she even wanted to be friends with me after meeting me because I was nine months pregnant with Killian, it was the middle of a miserable, humid August and let's face it, I was the bitchiest bitch who'd ever bitched. I hated being pregnant. And I especially hated being pregnant in the middle of August. I was evil incarnate. And yet, this lovely woman liked me anyway. And I'm grateful, because I adore the hell out of her.

So, anyway, I was talking with her today about my hellish deadlines coming up and menages quickly became the topic of discussion. I have several due before the end of the year and we had the following conversation.

Friend: What I want to know, is are they written the way they happen in real life?

Me: I'm thinking no.

Friend: That's probably for the best. Whenever I was part of one, I felt like that hostess at a dinner party that wasn't going particularly well. Is everyone having a good time? Can I get you anything? Do you need more potatoes? It was exhausting.

Me: It's better in fiction. I have to blog this.

Friend: Do it.

And now, whenever I'm in the midst of writing menage scenes, I'm forever going to think about the beleaguered dinner party hostess. And it becomes very clear to me that I would never find myself in a menage for the same reasons I don't host parties.

Worry, social anxiety and a possible lack of potatoes.


Margaret Yang said...

"Worry, social anxiety, and lack of potatoes." There's your twitter headline right there.


Chris said...

LMAO! I suppose with the trend toward increasing numbers of bodies in menage books, the hostessing anxiety would just get worse...

Jane said...

Are you kidding me? You were at DTE Energy Theatre for Tori/Alanis, TOO?

Jason said...

Just a guess, but I bet you have plenty of potatoes. :D

Menages are only that way for the woman in the group, I think. Men don't care as much if everyone has potatoes, as long as they get lots of gravy, know what I mean? ~winkwink~