Friday, September 2, 2011

Randomness and Books to Win

No - I'm not playing hide and go seek. Hell, I don't have that kind of free time. Of course, if I did, I'd hide somewhere and fall asleep. I got next to no sleep last night. Too many things racing through my head.

If you've stayed with this stream of consciousness ramble this long, you might be interested in posts where I'm marginally more coherent. Oh! And there's a chance to win some books. All you need to do is go visit the amazing JoJo's Bookcorner Blog and leave a comment. And I've also got a bizarre little short story/writing challenge involving a cowboy, a bag of licorice and a game show (Blame Brynn) over at Writer's Evolution.

Oh, and I had a lovely review for Guardian's Challenge over at Nocturne Romance Reads! It got a 4.5 and the reviewer said:

Guardians Challenge has renewed my faith in Erotica. Lately, so many novels that have staked claim to being erotica have fallen short and settled nicely into the romantica category, but not this one! This book has it all….hot and steamy sex scenes, beautiful storyline, and strong tempestuous characters.

Now that I have experiences Ms. Green’s writing style, I’ll be sure to pick up her first book in the series Overlord’s Chosen and add her on my favourite authors list and pick up more of her tantalizing tales!


Chris said...

Yay for the great review!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the great review!