Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Misread of the Day - Yes...again

So I ran into Hobby Lobby today, to get some last minute supplies for AAD and there was this display of calendars by the front door and I had an awesome misread that made me laugh out loud. Of course, I was all by myself, so this just made me look slightly crazier than I already did muttering about willow leaves and panne velvet fabric.

Here's what the calendar actually said: He Restores My Soul

Here's what I read: Restrooms of My Soul

Now that's a calendar I would have bought.


Chris said...

Erm. THAT calendar might have been SKEERY.

Um. My veri word is neclik. O.o

Jason said...

I think that would make for an interesting calendar!


Molly Daniels said...


Margaret Yang said...

Hey, when you need a restroom really badly, it can be good for your soul.

Just sayin'

I love your misreads.

Jenny Trout said...

Those are the bathrooms that we dream about when we have to pee bad in the night, Chris.