Thursday, November 18, 2010

Riding in Cars with Boys - Part Eight

Yesterday was crazy weather wise. On my way out to school to pick up the boys, there was sleet, thunder and lightning, sunshine, torrential rain and hail. This was in the course of fifteen minutes. But, I actually managed to get to school early which was good since it was pouring rain by the time I pulled into the parking lot and hailing like mad when the kids came out of the building.

Killian: Oh my god, you're actually here early.

Not Kevin: Good timing since it seems the Apocalypse is upon us.

Me: I think I deserve a reward.

Justin: You'll get a reward when you're consistent.

Sigh. Sadly, I deserved that.

Killian: (in an abrupt change of topic) Hey lady, did you know fuck is the most versatile word ever?

Me: It is useful.

Justin: No really. We figured it out at lunch.

Killian: It can be a noun.

Justin: Or a verb.

Killian: And an adjective, like "you fucking asshat." (Yeah...that apple didn't fall far from the tree...)

Justin: Or an adverb.

Killian: Can it be a modifier?

Me and Justin: And adjective is a modifier.

Justin: Dumbass.

Killian: Derp! I knew that.

Me: It can also be an exclamation...and probably a question too, if you put enough inflection in it.

Justin: I knew your mom would be able to add to our list!

Killian: Dude, my mom's awesome. You know...sometimes.

I'm weirdly delighted that their lunchtime conversation ended up being about grammar. Also, my kid called me awesome. In public.


Jambrea said...

Totally cool! :)

Margaret Yang said...

Bwa ha ha. You love the grammar lesson and don't mind the word fuck.

You ARE the coolest mom ever.

p.s. Don't tell them that the word "smurf" can be used the same way.

Cinderella said...

HAHAHAHA Too cute!! Cynthia

Chris said...


Mia Watts said...

AWESOME!!!! I love these, love these, love these. I get all excited when you tell me you've posted a new one.

I also just love those boys. Their brains are super nifty.

Paris said...

In a world of texting and abbreviated language skills these kids are a delight!

I agree with Margaret, you are the coolest mom ever:-)

Molly Daniels said...


Kris Norris said...

See.... I knew we should have bought those T-shirts for the boys... the one where it told you all the ways to use the word fuck!

And believe me, I would have let mine wear them to school... yeah, feeling a bit snarky.

Good to know mine is not the only household where 'fuck' is used to its fullest potential. And just another reason our boys would get along soooo fucking good!


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Good boys! Grammar - whatever it takes to learn! Now if they can figure out how to turn fuck into a dangling participle...

Genella deGrey said...

LOL Julia!

Bron - You get five gold stars for braving the elements - and another five for the useful grammar lesson.


Simone Anderson said...

Love these installments. Very Cool all the way around.

Unknown said...

I love these installments and yup, you are the coolest mom ever! :)