Thursday, May 27, 2010

Riding in Cars with Boys - Part Four

So I was doing my carpool thing yesterday afternoon and I happened to have a catalog in the car with me. Mitchell found it and and started flipping through it.

Mitchell: OhMyGod! This is so badass! You need to get that for your ear!

Me: (glancing at the page where he's excitedly pointing) Don't you think I have enough metal in my ears already?

Mitchell: Heck no, lady! This is too cool. You need it.

Killian: Lemme see!

Mitchell holds up the catalog so Killian and Justin can see it in the backseat.

Justin: I don't usually comment on girl jewelry, but I totally think you need that.

Killian: It is badass. I agree. It should be yours.

Me: I don't think I have room for that with everything else up there. (11 piercings are probably more than anyone needs...)

Justin: Just weave the dragon through some of those rings. It'll totally work.

Me: I have to say, I find it really sweet that you're all picking out jewelry for me.

Justin: Well, when we eventually get girlfriends, they probably won't be the kind of girls who let us pick out cool dragon earrings for them.

Me: They will if you pick the right girls.

Killian: She's got a point.

Mitchell: Yeah, but where do we find girls like that?

Did I mention that I'm the luckiest car pool mom in the world? Yeah, I heart all those boys of mine.

So this is the earring of wonder that they think I need.

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Dragon Earwrap


Jambrea said...

I have to agree with the boys. That IS bad ass and should be yours. :)

You are totally lucky to have those wonderful boys. :)

Simone Anderson said...

I love the your riding in the car with boys posts. You should get the dragon earring.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Gorgeous. But you have eleven piercings? Somehow I didn't picture you that way!

No wonder you get along so well with these guys.


molli said...

Oh you SO need that earring...come to think of it.. so do *I*! what catalog was it?

Chris said...

They have good taste! :)

Patricia Kiyono said...

Preteen boys CAN be sweet! And I like Justin's solution of weaving the dragon through your other stuff. Go for it!

Mia Watts said...

OMG! I totally want one of those!!! Plus I love your boys too. Soooo sweet. I think he wins carpool points.

Jenny Trout said...

That would be bad ass for about five seconds until you got your hair caught in it and ripped it and all the other piercings out of your head.

Mia Watts said...

And I'm with Molli, which catalog? No one ever sends me cool catalogs like that. I get warehouse garden shit.

Temple Hogan said...

Love your posts about Riding in cars with boys. They obviously feel comfortable with you in talking about many things. My own teen-age boys are now in their late forties and one is even 50. Savor these moments with your guys. When they're gone, they're gone. And buy the earrings. They are way cool. Temple Hogan

Unknown said...

The boys are right - it is BADASS.

Aren't boys wonderful?

Molly Daniels said...

I see another trip to Rudis with Mia in your future:)

J.R. Patrick said...

Totally badass! Those boys rock. :)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Major badass! Get it! I adore your boys!

Bronwyn Green said...

@ Jambrea - Thanks hon! I think I'm lucky, too. :)

@ Simone - Thanks sweetie. Killian asked me this morning if I'd ordered it, yet. LOL

@ Lisabet - Think chunky, heavily pierced ears, long hippie skirts and sandals and that's me in a nutshell. ;)

@ Molli - :D

@ Chris - well, maybe for jewelry...the jury's still out on music. ;)

@ Chocoaddict - They're really pretty great guys.

@ Mia - you think this is sweet? Wait til you see next week's post. :D

@ Jen - always there with the reality check...which is probably a good thing!

@ Temple - Trust me, I'm savoring! It's part of the reason I started doing these posts, so I can always remember the awesomeness of these guys. :) And also so I can share. :D

@ Amber - I never thought I'd say this, but I freaking love teenage boys!

@ Molly - Nah, 11 is probably plenty, however, I am taking Jennifer to see him tonight. :D

@ JR - I think so, too! :D

@ Julia - Thanks! Me too!! :D

Danielle said...

I'm with the boys on this one...that dragon is bad ass and should totally get it and weave it through your earrings. :)

Oh how I heart these boys....they are super sweet, funny, and wonderful. Thanks for sharing their funny stories and sweetness with us. :)

Genella deGrey said...

"Mitchell: Yeah, but where do we find girls like that?"

Mitchell, we're out there . . . We're the quiet ones.


And yes, that IS a badass earring.

Theresa Grant said...

Wow! Love the earring....

Mia Watts said...

Um, Genella, he's like 15. Cougar much? ;)

Kim In Florida, said...

I love that earring but its pricey and after the debacle with Pyramid the first time I ordered, its now the last, which sucks cause I love their stuff.. or at least I used to. when I actually ordered it and it was Late, overcharged obscenely for shipping and the sizes were for that of an anorexic 4 year old.

Warning, look at it, but dont buy from them. they suck.

Or maybe it was just My experience!

Hayley said...

HA! I could wear that at work and totally get away with it. It certainly doesn't violate the "no more than two earrings per ear" policy. Although I still haven't figured out how it violates the policy if you have one piercing in each ear but they happen to be oh, say a 00 gauge. Seriously, how does it look better for to have no earring and this big floppy piece of earlobe versus a nice plug?

Molly Daniels said...

The more I look at it, the more I want one too:) How do you think I'd look in it? Hahahahaha....

orelukjp0 said...

I love your Riding in Cars with Boys posts. I did the same but mine were with girls. They could talk to me about anything. I was also official chaperon for every rock concert.
About the earring, who says you have to put it in your ear? I can think of a couple of other places that it would look great in so long as you have them pierced.

Genella deGrey said...

Eeeeewwww, MIA! LOL!
(Certainly not. Certainly not in this case, for sure.) ;)

Haven't you ever heard, "Wow, it's always the quiet ones . . . "

I get that all the time.

kavita said...

get the earring. they look good!

JacquƩline Roth said...

You do realize you should compile these and publish them? Your boys are awesome. Mitchell cracks me up.

Sandy Jay said...

OMG! I came to this blog from a link in another blog and I laughed so hard that I had to go back and read all the other Riding in Cars posts! They're priceless. You really should write a book. LOL

I now follow this blog so I won't miss any more car rides with these boys. And a very big thank you to whoever it was who put this link in her blog today!!!

Julie said...

I can totally see you wearing is a must have...

Sonya Bateman said...