Monday, April 28, 2008

My head is still spinning...

What an insane weekend - I think I need another weekend just to recover.

Friday: I spent the majority of the day with 75 eighth graders, their parents and sibs watching their production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which was awesome, btw. Then I had to get Killian ready for a boyscout overnight camping trip.

Saturday: Hubby and I had to clean out his mom's house with his brother and five of his six sisters. It was nightmarish and we're no where near done. There are four generations of his family's stuff in that house!

During the purging, I broke my favorite sandal and it's irreparable. Five stores later and way more than I wanted to pay I had a new pair of sandals. Why is it that the shoe manufacturers think all women want to wear high heels. WTF is that all about???

Saturday night, the kids and I went to hang out with my brother and his kids were were in town to celebrate my nephew's birthday.

Sunday: Took Killian to a boyscout flag retirement ceremony. (Discreetly ogled the hot fire fighters who were standing by. It's research, people...research.)

Then it was off to my mom's for my nephew's birthday party and somehow I volunteered to make the belts, vests and bras for my sister-in-law and niece's belly dancing costumes. LOL...yeah, I know I said I wouldn't be sewing for a long time after the RT costumes, but I guess I can't resist a good costume.

In the meanwhile, I've got to get writing. Gotta finish my story for the Legend anthology!


barbara huffert said...

That's entirely too much all in a few short days. I'm tired just reading about it. Better go nap.

Anny Cook said...

Sewing, eh? Riiiiight. I'm with Barb. Take a nap.

sterlingwriter said...

Oh, Gordo!

Molly Daniels said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading that! I'll take a nap for you. How's that?

I'm with you on the sandal thing. My favorite pair of summer shoes fell apart and I managed to repair them twice. The third time didn't take, and can't find a replacement pair. All I want is your basic white pumps without the heel! But no...all of them have an inch or more! Finally found a decent pair of sandals with maybe a fourth of an inch heel. And found out flats are back in style; there's hope for my white shoes!

Unknown said...

I think you need some help with that research. :)

Unknown said...

I have to agree with the high heel thing - all the best sandals have heels and it pisses me off when I want flats, damn it

Phoenix said...

You're sewing again?!?! Are you insane? Do you KNOW how much work you have on your plate?

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I poked you.

Do something about it.

Melissa and I went to a restaurant called Coco Joe's tonight.
It's pirate themed.
"Pirate themed" meaning it's basically a bar with pirate shippy wood work through out. It is a bastard combination of a pirate-esque tavern and wooden ship pieces, and a bunch of hokey plastic skeletons dressed as swashbucklers.
It also has dueling pianos every night.

It's pretty much the greatest place ever.