Friday, February 22, 2013

An Open Letter to February

Dear February,

We need to talk.

You've been a busy, busy month. So far you've brought me work stress, frustration with WIPs, the damn flu, a nightmare experience at the dentist which resulted in possible over medication and honest to god hallucinations and an increasingly fucked up wrist thanks to carpal tunnel.  We won't even talk about the mammogram in  a blizzard. Yep, still sore, btw, thanks for asking.

I know, I know - you've worked really hard what with all the snowstorms, ice storms and bitterly cold temps. You probably need a break just as much as I do. But I've noticed that you seem somewhat hellbent on dumping another giant pile of snow and freezing rain on us. That's an ingenious little mix you seem fond of, and I see you've got yet more snow and ice lined up for us next week.

Here's the thing, I know your shift isn't up for another six days, but you've been working really hard. Too hard, really. And I understand that being the shortest month, you probably feel like you've got something to prove to the other months, but you've done your fair share. More than your fair share. Some (not me, of course) might even go so far as to call you an overachiever.

So here's my thought, why don't you go ahead and take off early. Just clock out, and let March take over. I've heard he's bored. Might as well take a well-deserved vacation and let your slacker brother handle things for a while.


Are you sure?

You know...there's a reason no one likes you.

Disgruntledly  Yours,


Unknown said...

hahaha that is the truth!

Carissa's Musings, ramblings of a writer said...

so much nicer than what I have said to it.

Unknown said...

LMAO...I second that!

Simone Anderson said...

Well said. February can leave now.

Anya Breton said...

LOL! Bring on March right the hell now.

Unknown said...

Preach it loud and clear!;-)

Joe Richardson said...

One of my favorite podcasts focuses on astronomy. The take-away lesson each week: The universe is trying to kill us.

You've just provided further evidence that it's so.

Hang in there--March is right around the corner!