Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello Birmingham, it's Buffalo...

On the way to school this morning, Corwin put in the Grammy's Wildly Inappropriate Lullaby CD and put Blowin' in the Wind on repeat "because," he said, "it seems like a good election day song."

Killian agreed, and I had a very proud mama moment.

So we sang along to it on repeat until we dropped Corwin off and then I played the song I listen to every election day - Ani Difranco's Hello Birmingham and Killian and I listened to that on the way to the polls.

After standing in line for an hour and a half, we voted - Killian, in his first election. Then we celebrated with Starbucks.

All in all, a great morning!

Happy Voting Day, Everyone!


Margaret Yang said...

I took my oldest to the polls today too! (He can't vote yet, but he wanted to see what it was like.) And we went to Starbucks after.

It's like we're leading parallel lives.

Kellie St. James said...

Love this! :)

Chris said...

I love your Election Day routine! :)