Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For those of you who are contemplating holiday shopping...

For those of you who are shopping for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, etc., I'd like to introduce you to Amy. She runs a nifty little Etsy shop called Sweet Silver Jewelry. I came across her designs when we were looking for a good present for my mom's birthday.

She makes amazing personalized jewelry - I'm not talking about the etched ID bracelets of the early 80s, but gorgeous silver jewelry that's decorative on the front but has a little secret on the back.

For my mom, we got a necklace with all the grandkids names on the back, along with dangling semi-precious birthstones. And I just got one with my kids' names on the back - no birthstones. I ended up getting one for my sister in law, too. Because she's awesome.

Amy's got different patterns, shapes and fonts available to help you create a one of a kind piece. They're unique and heartfelt gifts - we all love our necklaces and wear them almost all the time. 

Because they're individually crafted, it's best to order earlier rather than later. This is the link to Sweet Silver Jewelry and here are pics of my and my mom's necklaces so you can see the pretties for yourself. :)


Missy Taylor said...

Very pretty! I will check her out. I have indeed started Christmast shopping this year. I hope to be done by Thanksgiving mostly. Spread out the $ spending and spread out the stress lol. thanks for sharing. :)

Bronwyn Green said...

YAY Missy! Someone else who's started the shopping already. :D