Friday, June 22, 2012

Losing the last of my sanity...

So, I'm desperately packing to leave on my writers retreat vacation tomorrow and and also trying to desperately sort out the last of Killian's financial aid stuff for college and desperately trying to make sure everyone has everything they need before I leave.

You may have noticed a theme here...

Anyway, I was talking to Killian while he was finishing up his thank you notes and I mentioned something about packing up my computer so I could work up north.

Killian: Wait, wait, wait.

Me: What?

Killian: You're going on vacation.

Me: Right.

Killian: And you're going to be writing?

Me: Yeah-huh.

Killian: That's not a vacation! That's just working in a different location.

Yep. That's the one I have.

I'm leaving first thing tomorrow morning, and I'll at least try to post pics while I'm gone. :)


Chris said...

Have fun!! Hopefully the change of location is very inspiring. :)

Unknown said...

Have fun!