Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yet Another Weirdass Dream

Okay - it's weirdass dream time, again!

Okay, so last night I dreamed that I somehow set the oven on fire. There wasn't anything in it, but in my dream I'd forgotten to turn it off for two or three days. Matt and a bunch of other people were calling me "Bella Swan" like it was an insult. Which, I suppose it is, really. Apparently, even my subconscious thinks Twilight is annoying.

In other news - Matt is home!!!



Chris said...

Yay for Matt being home!

Hmm, your dream obviously didn't take place during the summer, or you'd never have been able to leave the stove on for that long.

Margaret Yang said...

Hahahaha! You know Twighlight is annoying on every level of your being.