Saturday, January 7, 2012


*WARNING: Whiny post ahead. Proceed at your own risk.*

I can't focus for crap.

I flit from one thing to another like a particularly disinterested toddler.

It's a struggle to finish anything.

I'm exhausted and achy.

I think I have the January Blahs.

I've got stuff to do. Anybody have any suggestions for getting rid of this crap?

It's getting really old.

*End Whine*


Jason said...

~pets~ Ritalin? :)

I love you

Kim Dare said...

*Hugs* A looming deadline? :D

Chris said...

If you figure out a solution, DO let me know - I could use it, too! :)

Margaret Yang said...

Coffee. Coffee solves everything.

Anonymous said...

Must be post-holiday letdown. I'm suffering from it too. Can't get a single scene finished.

I like Margaret's suggestion for coffee. Must go brew some now...