Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Know any traveling gypsy horse traders?

When we were little, and being particularly annoying, my mother used to threaten to sell us to the first traveling gypsy horse trader who happened by. I would wait excitedly by the window for the gypsies to arrive with their painted wagons and horses and twirly skirts. They never showed. Finally, my brother, Tim, spoiled it by pointing out that there hadn't been any traveling gypsy traders in years - if ever - in this part of Michigan.


Now, this news didn't stop me from fantasizing about running away with the the gypsies, but I'll admit, I didn't wait by the window as much anymore.

When my own kids were little and being annoying, in addition to wishing that the Goblin King would come and take me away right now, I also told them that I was planning to run off with the first gypsy horse trader that happened by.

They just told me there weren't any traveling gypsy horse traders around anymore.

Noticing a theme here? Well, screw that.

If I can't run away with the gypsies, I'll write about them instead. And here's my shiny new cover! Gypsy Wolf will be out early next year! And it has a wagon on it!!!!


Mia Watts said...

I LOVE this cover!

Unknown said...

I guess you showed them. heehee
Luv the cover!

Chris said...

You go! :)

Cait said...

"Mama! You used to tell Bron and Tim you'd sell them to the first gypsy horse trader who happened by?!"

"No, I said I'd **give** them to the first gypsy horse trader who happened by. She's telling stories."

"What'd you say to the rest of us?"

"I threatened to run away with the gypsy horse trader, too. It was Martin who pointed out there weren't any."

...That's a pretty sweet wagon.

Chris said...

...and now, thanks to Cait, we know the rest of the story. ;)

Donna said...

Your cover is fabulous!

When I was a child it was a fantasy of mine to run away with the gypsies. Eating around a campfire and not being required to vacuum the carpeting seemed perfect.

Still does...


Molly Daniels said...

Awesome cover! Yeah, my granparents used to threaten to send us to the gypsies too!

Anonymous said...

the cover is amazing!