Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Situation. (No...not the Jersey Shore dude.)

So my most awesome sister Cait picked up the kids from school for me today so I could stay home and work on my fast approaching deadline of doom. Upon their return, I had this conversation with Killian.

Killian: We have a situation.

Me: Guh. What kind of a situation?

Killian: The worst kind of situation.

Me: What?!

Killian: Corwin. He's listening to Nickelback.

Me: Oh.

Killian: You don't understand the gravity of this situation.

Me: Well, I

Killian: Well, I nothing. He's listening to Nickelback. This is going to ruin him forever. Fuck that. It's going to ruin me. It's killing my brain cells. I blame papa.

Me: What did he do?

Killian: He heard Rockstar on the radio on the way to school and turned it up really loud and forced us to listen to it. Now Corwin's brainwashed into liking Nickelback. You need to stop this right now! It's a crime against humanity! Make it stop!


Jenny Trout said...

Ewww gross, your husband likes Nickleback?

Unknown said...

LOL He's too funny.

Brynn Paulin said...

LOL! I like Nickelback too. C will live and K needs to adjust to his brother being more excentric than he is :-)

Chris said...

Does it ruin my cred with K that I like some Nickelback songs?

Unknown said...

LOL, there is nothing more cherished then the ruin of children *winks*

Unknown said...

LOL I love Chad Kroeger and Nickleback! ha ha ha

Lucia said...

I love Nickleback and my daughter who is 13 used to love the song ROCKSTAR when she was 10 or 11. Now she likes Rhianna's song with the line in it "WHIPS AND CHAINS EXCITE ME" personally I'd rather have her listening to Nickleback!!!

Kris Norris said...

All I can say is ... dude... great Canadian band! Yup, love me some Nickleback, so if K still wants me to send coffee crisp in mail, he'll have to fake it, lol.

Love those two boys... and you can tell K that C is now, officially, my favourite:)


Cait said...

Imma fix dis.