Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Important Warning

I thought long and hard about blogging about this topic but I decided that enough people read this blog that it might make a difference to a family somewhere.

A few weeks ago, the only child of some people we know strangled on her swing in their backyard and has spent the last few weeks in a coma. This past Friday she died. Understandably, her parents are beside themselves with grief. She was only five years old.

I mention this not to horrify you, but because this is the kind of thing that can truly happen to anyone. This beautiful, vibrant little girl was adored by her parents. She wasn't neglected - her mom was even outside at the time of the accident.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'd considered not blogging about this, but since she died, I've been having recurring nightmares were every child I know strangles to death on a swing. Every night, all night long one child after another. In the last few dreams, I saw a VW microbus, so I figured I should go ahead and post this warning.

So if you have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, students or neighbor kids please remind them every day - every five minutes if you have to - not to twist on their swings. Yes, it's fun. I remember doing it is a kid, but it's not safe. Please warn the children in your life, protect them, help prevent another family from suffering this kind of pain and desolation.


Kelly Kirch said...

You told me when this first happened and it still horrifies me.

I can't imagine the nightmares, hon. I hope you can get some sleep tonight.

Anny Cook said...

Thank you for the timely warning, Bron. The kids are starting to play outside now as the weather is getting nice. I'll be sure to warn my grandkids.

Sandra Cox said...

Wow, Bron. I am soooo sorry. Who'd have thought? I'm glad you blogged about this. Its something I appreciate knowing and would never have thought of. Thank you and condolences to your friends. So sad.

barbara huffert said...

Thank you. I have forwarded this to my friends with small children.

Ashley Ladd said...

Hugs. I'm soooo very sorry to hear about this. I'll warn my kids and grandkids.My prayers are with your friends. I used to twist on swings all the time - even as an adult. I still like to swing, but I won't do that anymore.

Caley Greene said...


I'm so sorry - words are inadequate.

Amarinda Jones said...

You must always do as your conscience dictates and it one child is saved by it then it was worth the to blog or not blog struggle